Guidance about the Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Science tells us that nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore, in those places that something has disappeared or been removed, something else will come to take its place. This natural law can be applied to our lives as well, and used to our benefit. Clear out old stuff in your life and let new stuff in, clear out old thoughts so new thoughts can enter.

If your closet or garage is so full that not a single other thing can fit into it, then not a single other thing can fit into it. But create a vacuum, clean it out, get rid of some of the old stuff, and make some room in it, and new things will find their way.

Have you heard someone say, or have you said yourself, my briefcase (or purse, or storage space) was so full I got a bigger one, and it ended up getting full, too? That’s because nature abhors a vacuum, and by getting that bigger ‘whatever’ with all that empty space, you created a vacuum. And since nature abhors a vacuum, you satisfied the law and filled the empty space up, whether you did it consciously or not.

This is true not just for the physical world, but for the mental world, as well. Nature abhors a vacuum, even if the vacuum is in your mind. Think of your mind as your closet or garage or purse. Is there a vacuum there, or is it filled to capacity, and what is it filled with? Clear out old thoughts and new thoughts have room. The purchasing of the product should be made from the Top 5 Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2020 available in the market. The prices should not exceed the funds available with the person. 

Knowing that what we think about and give our energy to is what manifests in our world, take a look around you and see what’s on your mind. Do you like your mental ‘stuff’ or is it the kind of things that are jammed in the corners of your closet or garage, and has been there so long you don’t even remember that you had it or why?

If you don’t like what you see, think about cleaning out those old thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that created that world, just like you’d clean out your closets or your garage, and make space for new thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that will bring you something you like better. Create a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum and will work to fill it up.

Just as we outgrow clothes and fashions, and favorite toys and games, we can outgrow beliefs and habits. And just like we need to get rid of the old clothes that no longer fit us or are out of fashion, we need to get rid of habits and attitudes that no longer serve us.

But we can’t acquire or store new thoughts and ideas unless there’s room for them. Comfortable as they are, or much as we think we might, one day, have need of those paisley bell-bottoms, or that old way of reacting or thinking, we don’t. We have to get rid of old thoughts before we can bring something new and better in.

Nature abhors a vacuum (and so does your mind). Get rid of the old in your closets and your mind, and make room for the new. It works. It has to. It’s a law.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.