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Discover Exciting Supersets For Training – Learn about it 

If you’re tired with the routine you are using for fitness and weight loss, you need to consider that your body is probably not very excited about it either. Like our mind, our body constantly needs something different to keep it challenged and producing good results. I’m listing a workout that has a mix of three types of exercises (dumbbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight) that will keep your body interested in your health and fitness goals. The first package will pair vertical jumping with military presses.

Beginning with jumping, go as high into the air as possible. Upon landing, you should immediately jump again.

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Do this exercise repeated 6 times and then go straight into military presses. Should you not have a bar, you can try pressing with dumbbells in it’s stead.

To do the press correctly, get each knee slightly bent and then push the bar up above your head.

With dumbbells, use one and press it upward as you brace your abdominals with the other hand. When you are done with that pair, move on to the next one: lunging split and a special chin up.

The split squat brings to the front one leg so you are in a split squat stance, then you jump up and switch your legs as you are in the air.

Start the nest lunge jump as soon as you hit the ground. When done with the jumping lunges, start doing the chin ups.

Do a regular chin up, only pull your knees to your torso.

Keep your movement under control as you are lowering yourself: you should really feel your abs.

If you find out that you can’t do a chinup, you’ll have to skip this exercise. The last pair of exercises is the kettlebell swing and push ups with one hand elevated.

The kettle swings are done holding the bell with both hands and your feet wider than shoulder width. Getting your hips into the exercise is very important: don’t be using your hands to power the swing. Finish this last super-set pair by doing elevated pushups.

Elevate one hand about 4″ off the floor and then do a push-up. Finish your repetitions on one side before you start on the other side.

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