Choosing Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchens tend to be a place of pride for the family and a lot of thought goes into the designing of a kitchen. This is because the kitchen is one of the most visited places in a family home. Women, as well as men who like to cook spend a lot of time in […]

Bags Fashion Guide Shopping and Product reviews Style

Louis Vuitton- Easy To Care Handbags Of The Highest Order

Some people may or may not agree, but mankind is generally greedy and selfish as he always puts his own best interests first before thinking of others’ and is willing to cause harm to others just to get his desires fulfilled and this has been seen time and time again. This has ultimately led to […]

Internet Social Media

Social Networking: Are You Twittering Your Life Away?

Before every human in the civilized world had access to the internet around the clock with laptops, cell phones, PDAs, and internet cafes, people actually got together to talk, have meetings, do lunch, and just hang out. They even used snail mail for birthday cards and post cards from tropical vacation spots. Nowadays, however, people […]

Bankruptcy Business Finance Guide

Your Assets Should Be Sheltered Before You File For Bankruptcy Protection

Once you have made up your mind that you will need to apply for bankruptcy protection, you have just made one of the hardest decision you will ever have to make. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy record stays with you for up to 10 years. Just because you have filed for bankruptcy […]

Health and Fitness

Cannabidiol Oil- Beginner’s Guide towards Remedy

The general perception of mankind is that they are basically the rulers of the world who can make and break rules as per their convenience without allowing anyone to dictate the terms for them. They are also the most careless and arrogant beings on the planet when compared to animals that are much more careful […]


Hispanic Marketing 101 for increase in website ranks

People eat. People sleep. People go to the bathroom. But what do Hispanics do? It seems the ad world continues to be all a flutter with their new found awareness of the “Hispanic Market”. They’ve discovered that Hispanics have money and like to buy things. But the problem at hand is how do marketers get […]


A Review of Microsoft’s WebMatrix

I’m sure as a developer by now you have heard that Microsoft released a new free web development product called Web Matrix ( Web Matrix is aimed at junior developers who most likely are using scripting technologies like PHP. You can edit PHP with intellisense in WebMatrix, and you can through a web interface setup […]


Tiger Woods’ Star-Crossed Marriage: An Astrological Analysis

Tiger Woods’ Star Crossed Marriage – the spark ignited and flames of passion were strong, but just as quickly fizzled out. What went wrong in this marriage that caused Tiger Woods to stray and seek satisfaction in the arms of other women? One look at the horoscope of Tiger and Erin tells it all. If […]


Faux Finish Painting: Ragging

Another in my series of faux finish painting is Ragging. This one is easy and fast to do and will leave your walls looking old (kind of like an old leather purse if you will). With the right colors it reminds me of my grandparents home when I was a child; full of memories. Ragging […]