Large Cat Litter Boxes For Multiple Cats Or Large Cats

Cat litters can be really difficult to manage if you do not have a proper cat litter box, this is because you cannot flush the cat litter down flush tanks as they contain compounds which are harmful to aquatic animals like some fishes. So, the only available option is collecting in a litter box and disposing of it according to your convenience. If you do not choose the proper cat litter box then it can cause your whole house to smell like cat litter. So, choosing the correct litter box is an absolute necessity. A small litter box is sufficient for one cat but if you have multiple cats in your house then it is better to choose one large litter box in place of multiple litter boxes which could again be difficult to maintain. Large litter boxes are not only used for multiple cats but also for big sized cats as they produce a significant amount of litter which cannot be maintained in a regular sized litter box.

Points to consider when buying a large sized litter box

While you are purchasing a large litter, the box makes sure you have the following points in mind to avoid difficulty in future.

  • The litter box should have elevated margins to prevent any spillage of litter. Litter spillage is extremely difficult to control as the smell spreads throughout the house.
  • Since you want to buy a jumbo box make sure the size is sufficient. An average large litter box has length * breadth * height of about 40 * 26 * 11. Choose something around this size range.
  • If your cat is old enough and you want a large litter box to store the litter for 1 or 2 days before disposing of it then make sure you get a large sized litter box because in this case even if you have one cat the ordinary sized litter box may not be appropriate. Thus, jumbo litter boxes are the best litter box for large cats.

  • If your litter box comes with a scoop then it would be easier for you while disposing of litter. But the scoop needs to be cleaned with chlorine or any bleaching agents after every use to prevent the spreading of smell.
  • Add some smell controlling agents otherwise, the litter smell may spread throughout your house. It is especially difficult to control smell from jumbo litter boxes.

Thus, considering these points can be really helpful if you want to buy a litter box for a large cat or multiple cats. Buying litter boxes online may be confusing if you are not accustomed to sizes. then you can go for pet stores to choose the right sized jumbo box for your cats. Jumbo litter boxes are initially difficult to buy as a lot of factors have to be kept in mind, but once you have them it makes your life easier with handling the pet wastes especially for cats.

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