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How To Build Muscle Size Using An Ectomorph Workout Plan

Have you been weight training but not attaining any muscle growth? Are you been eating a lot but found out that you are gaining fats and not muscle mass? If you are a hardgainer, then you would have to follow another set of rules to get muscles.

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Throw away all you have read online, this is because there is way too much misleading information being labeled as facts. This article will assist you by telling you the most essential principles of bodybuilding that your ectomorph workout routine must follow.

Firstly, your gym workout must not be too long, between half an hour to an hour. Why? This is because around the 30 minutes mark, the amount of your anabolic hormones will have reached its peak, and then it will decrease from there. Subsequently, the amount of your muscle mass destroying hormones will being to rise, with drops in energy and awareness. In addition, a short bodybuilding workout routine will help you save calories.

Next, your gym workout must stick to the progressive overload law. This means for your next workout, you have to lift either heavier or lift a higher volume. You will only gain muscles when you render them to unaccustomed stress, and that is the universal rule of muscle mass building.

Thirdly, your weight lifting workout must provide sufficient time for rest and recovery. If you still feel tired or aren’t feeling right, then avoid going to the gym. if you do not realize, always lifting heavier weights or more will bring about a greater stress on your body. This implies you will take more and more time to fully recover. So avoid going to the gym to lift weights when you know you aren’t fully recovered. That will be wasting time, effort and calories. And as you should already know, muscles only grow when our body rests, not when we go to the gym.

Fourthly, your ectomorph workout routine must be intense. It doesn’t imply you have to go to failure for every set that you do. It means putting in effort and keeping a consistent rest period between reps and sets.

Finally, your bodybuilding workout routine must involve compound exercises. These include the bench presses, dips etc. They will work most of your body parts and overload your CNS which will then lead to higher production of muscle building hormones.

I’m sure that if you apply these rules now, you will find the effectiveness of your ectomorph workout plan rise by manifolds. If you want a comprehensive blueprint to gaining muscles for ectomorphs, then you may want to check out this ectomorph workout site.

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