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Eureka Vacuum Cleaners – 100 Years Of Innovation

Eureka vacuum cleaners are the signature product of the Eureka company. Founded in 1909 in Detroit, Michigan, the company was the creation of founder Fred Wardell, who according to company legend felt that the name reflected the discovery and innovation that he envisioned for his new company. By 1913, Eureka was producing six different vacuum cleaner models that each had special attachments as part of their innovation.

Today, Eureka offers vacuums all over the world in over 130 different models. Additionally, they produce and market many home and commercial cleaning products. In fact, the company has expanded into four different brand names: Eureka, Electrolux, Beam, and Sanitaire which shows the growth and development of the company.

These vacuum cleaners stand true to their name because Eureka is a brand that has taken the entire world by storm due to which numerous users have changed to this one and left out other great ones in the offing, which is saying something as you have many aspirapolveri in offerta that are vying for the customers’ attention in large numbers but Eureka continues to be miles ahead of others in terms of preference.

There are, of course, several positives and negatives when it comes to the products of any large company. When it comes to Eureka, the biggest positive reported is the power. By and large, Eureka vacuum models are as powerful if not more powerful than advertised. This is quite a change from what one normally gets from vacuum cleaners, which is less suction than expected. Additionally, the bags, belts, and other parts are reported as durable and easy to find in cases that replacement is needed (the best place to look is through online sources if you want the best prices on parts).

On the other hand, there are some problems. Many of the Eureka models, especially the canister models, are pretty heavy. While there are light weight models sold by the company, the more powerful models tend to be heavy and difficult to deal with around the house. Also, on at least a few of the models, consumers reported that the bags were difficult to change and canisters were complicated to empty. This can cause the vacuum cleaner, which is supposed to be a time saver, to end up eating up your time trying to change out bags and canisters.

For the most part, it seems that Eureka makes a good product. Better than expected power, durable products, easy to obtain parts, and good versatility have made Eureka a well respected and high quality vacuum cleaner maker. There are, of course, problems. The weight of many models and difficulty in changing bags and canisters makes the vacuum cleaners time consumers instead of time savers. However, with more positives than negatives, the Eureka comes in at a 6 out of 10.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.