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What Are The Best Features Of Lords Mobile Bot?

You will get multiple account support with bots. You can run up plenty of accounts at the same time quite easily from a single machine. The built-in-proxy support will also decrease the possibility of bans.

The bot is able to provide you high functionality. However, at the same time, the requirement of the resources should be on the lower side. In fact, the very low powerful machines should be fine to run the bots without any difficulty.

The bots are full of lucrative features. The new capabilities should be updated time to time for providing the users great new experiences.

The design of the Lords bot should be easy so that anyone can use it easily. You will get many options and it will help you to run the accounts according to the way you want.

Best application features:

Easy Account Management:

The number of accounts you need to manage may differ from 5 to 500 but the management system of the bot is such that you will find it very easy to manage them. With just one touch on a button, you will be able to create new account. You can link up the other accounts with the new created account by the help of Google or Facebook login.

Extremely user friendly:

The design of the Lords mobile program is kept in such a way that it will be found easy to use by anyone. As you will get plenty of options in the Bot, you can fun the account as per your convenience. Both smaller and hyper accounts can be created easily. You will get customized setting for every single user.

No necessity of Emulators:

Lords Bot is actually considered as standalone application. It means that the application does not need any emulators of Android to run on. This helps in power saving. This is why as a user you can run many an account together because you will do it with low computing power.

Time saving:

You will be able to keep the Lords Bot account online all the time and then play with just a single button quite simply by the help of auto supplying and gathering. Your account will start growing very fast.

Some of the best features which you are going to get with Lords Bot are given below.

  • Auto talents, building and research
  • Auto supplying
  • Auto training
  • Guild management including Join Guild, Leave, Create and Guild Chat
  • Auto Guild Bank
  • Auto Monster Hunting
  • Auto Gathering
  • Auto cargo ship trading
  • Auto Guild showdown
  • Offline scheduling

There are many other amazing features to enjoy with Lords bot such as Auto Hero Chapters, Auto Familiars, auto skirmish, auto treasure trove, auto colosseum, hiring, levelling, enhancing and upgrading of the auto heroes.

Get a clear user interface:

Because of the supreme design of the Lords Mobile Program, you will get a very clear interface so that you can configure the account settings easily. Supervising of various profiles will be easier with the tab used for account management.

All these features will be available within a very competitive price. You can subscribe for one month, six months, and one year. For creating extra account, you need to pay some amount as well.

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