Top-notch places 2019 to make a real estate investment!

Real estate is a great investment and can help you to make loads of money easily. But with the burgeoning recession in the market, making a real estate investment has become a risky thing. The poor economy around the world has lead to a downfall in real estate investments. There are some people who still want to invest in real estate and are looking for excellent opportunities in this time of recession. There are very few options available in the market for good real estate investments, but you can earn some good profits with these options.

People are trying to make less investment in real estate at current times because the risk factor is high, and chances of facing losses are good. Moreover, people also don’t have many options available to make suitable real estate investments. They also don’t have much knowledge about the prices of famous places such as Parc Canberra price. There are still some favorite places for real estate investors, so the following is a list of some of the top sites to make good real estate investments and earn high returns.

Perfect places to invest in the real estate in 2019

Austin, TX

The Austin house market is considered to be the best place to make a real estate investment right now. According to the research, the demands are expected to rise greatly in the coming years. The high living standard, fantastic lifestyle, and excellent business opportunities make Austin a great place to make some real estate investment. The economy of this place is quite stable and is home to some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Apple, Google, etc. It makes Austin a great place to do some of the best and highly paid jobs. Adding to it, it is expected to witness a significant hike in the population in the future, which makes it a great place to make a considerable real estate investment. The average price per square foot here is $285, and if you want to buy a median property here, then it will cost you about $547,449.

Nashville, TN

Nashville is one of the most preferred and popular places among real estate investors, and it also has a lot of demand among real estate investors. The best thing about this a place is that it has quite a low unemployment rate, which has given it’s economy a significant boost and a much-needed push. It attracts a lot of tourists, which makes it a lucrative place to make some real estate investments. A square foot is available at quite a low price of $212 here, which attracts a lot of real estate investors towards it. Most of the investments here have given a good amount of profits to the owner.


The real estate market here is impressive and is one of the best places for building your home. The multi-family sector has shown significant progress in the real estate sector and attracted about $385 of investment in the 2019 half-year. It is the hub for educational institutions and attracts a lot of students. Several tech jobs available here gives the real estate investors a good amount of return on their investments.

Charlotte, NC

If you are new to in real estate business and are going to make your first investments, then it is one of the best places for your first-time investments. The highly developed infrastructure here, along with the latest technology, makes it a great place for investing. The great economy and infrastructure are attracting a lot of people here for residential investment, which has to lead to a boost in the housing demand. The price per square foot here is meager $193, whereas you will have spent about $385,600 to buy a median property here in Charlotte.


Everyone knows about Boston as it is quite a popular place and is counted among the best five places in the US to make some good real estate investment. The population growth here is quite low, but still, it has a strong economy and offers excellent options for a real estate investment. The market here in undoubtedly costly, but the high prices cause no hindrance to the economy of Boston as it is always increasing.

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