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The Warrior Diet And Muscle Gain

Warrior diet is a nutrition and fitness program established by Ori Hofmekler, which encompasses a period of underfeeding and overfeeding during the night. This is brought up by stressing the body which builds muscles. A complete review of this amazing fitness program is there on

A living organism has a stress response mechanism that must be exercised adequately to get rid of health risks.

In the caveman early human being behaved and his culture, Man used to hunt during the day and maybe take few light snacks then take heavy meals during the night.

The warrior concept is based on caveman culture where you underfeed during the day and heavy feed during the night. The diet concept argues that eating at the wrong time such as heavy lunch interferes with the autonomic nervous system, making an individual sleepy and fatigued rather than alert and active during working days.

The Warrior diet focuses on human fitness by triggering a stress response in the body.

In the video below, a guy who goes by the name ‘BeastOfMiddleEast‘ is providing some really cool tips on The Warrior Diet, and also talks about the results he has achieved utilizing this specific diet regimen.

How to start the warrior diet

Video Source: Everything About Warrior Diet

The warrior diet requires 20 hours of underfeeding and four hours of overfeeding at night, overeating phase. The diet involves changing your eating cycles to optimize the number of calories burnt in a day.

This will enable your body to burn and digest food more easily and promote a period of relaxation during the overeating phase. The following are taken steps to start

  • Eat few light foods during the day
  • In the underrating phase avoid bread, fatty liver, and any other food of high fats. Eat fresh food of low calories
  • Consume a large amount of healthy food during the overeating phase which is mostly at night. This period is also known as four hours eating period.
  • Avoid eating when you feel thirsty, at the same time avoid drinking while eating.
  • Exercise at least 3-4 times a week. The exercise should include aerobic, strength training, and muscle building.
  • What to avoid in warrior diet
  • In the diet, there are some types of food to avoid and rules to observe like:
  • Eat natural food and avoid chemicals
  • Avoid refined processed food
  • Eat carbohydrates during the evening to stabilize the level of insulin in the blood
  • Minimize alcohol consumption

Cycle between high cycle and high carbohydrate consumption to minimize body s energy utilization

Warrior diet prevents and controls diseases, promotes a healthy weight, and also helps in balancing calories in the body hence should be practiced.

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