The Ender Chest Recipe: Material, Guide, Uses, And Tips

The ender chest happens to be like a wooden chest but has its secrets. Let’s hear the story about the ender chest and learn about its materials, guides, and uses.

Ingredients for the recipe of the ender chest:

Items you will need to make Ender Chest are:

  • 8 blocks of Obsidian,
  • Eye of Ender

How to get an Obsidian?

The places in Minecraft where the water will meet lava are the source of obsidian. Taking notes from this, one can also create obsidian using a bucket to scoop out lava and then dump it in a pit of four blocks. Then pour the water such that it falls from a certain height. This process helps turn the lava into obsidian. A diamond pickaxe comes in handy to mine obsidian. One can also acquire obsidian from the nether portal or every time you enter The end region.

How to find Eye of Ender?

Eye of ender has many applications in Minecraft. One use is obvious, its role in making the ender chest. The process of crafting achieves the eye of the ender. To craft the eye of the ender, we need blaze powder and the ender pearl. The ender pearl is in possession of ender men and is dropped by them. Ender men are tall, slender mobs and, they drop the pearl when they die. The ablaze rod is the source of the blaze powder is from fires. Blaze rod is dropped by the hostile flying golden mobs found in the nether fortresses on dying. On finding both the ender pearl and the blaze powder, you can craft the ender chest.

How to craft Ender Chest?

To craft the chest, place the eight obsidian pieces around the outer perimeter of the GUI, leave a blank area in the middle. The empty box in the middle will hold the eye of the ender to complete the crafting. Now, click on the ender chest to collect it from the crafting table. You can now place it in the inventory.

Uses Of The Chest:

Ender’s chest is a block that helps the player store 27 stacked items, like a wooden chest. The ender chest protects the items stored in it. When the chest destroys, one can easily retrieve back all the items stored in it. To retrieve the items, create an ender chest in your world. An ender chest allows one to access it from any other ender box placed in a different place. The pistons cannot push the ender box. These chests do not interact with droppers or hoppers, and thus, one can use them to store valuable stuff.

The only drawback of the chest is that it is difficult to make an ender chest since it uses obsidian blocks and an ender eye. Both these items are difficult to find. So, come and play this game choose optifine. It allows Minecraft to look better and run faster with full HD Support textures and many configuration options.

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