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Seven Principles Of Use Baby Of Protein

Proteins are among the most commonly used preparations for physically active people. In spite of this it is quite commonly recommended, in practice their use, however, involves a lot of confusion and doubt. To meet the expectations of people confused accumulation of inaccurate or conflicting information I decided to create a short tutorial showing the seven main principles that should be followed when taking protein supplements.

Rule number one: do not take supplements as necessary,

Although this view became widespread that in the case of physically active people, especially – trainees forcefully, are standard protein deficiency, it is in fact this belief is not justified. As a matter of too low protein intake occurs relatively rarely and include women more often than men. Furthermore, these gaps can usually be supplemented in a simple manner, based only on the conventional food. Proteins, however, have the advantage that they are easy to prepare, so that its value should be evaluated highly useful. Preparations of this type are perfect for preparing quick and tasty meals, for example, you can use them to prepare porridge morning, post-workout cocktail or quick dinner. This does not mean, however, that the use of protein supplements is necessary, and without their inclusion in the diet fails to obtain satisfactory results …

Rule Two: Choose a good preparation

If you want to buy a protein conditioner should be carefully selected so as not to acquire sell. Unfortunately, a large part of the preparation of this type is enriched suspicious or additives, or itself be obtained from poor raw materials. Most preferably reach the milk proteins, in particular – whey (as much as possible can be concentrates and isolates are not necessarily more expensive), or a mixture of animal-based components.

Beware when the value of the proteins of beef (which, contrary to appearances, is not derived from the tenderloin, and to a large extent of the elements of connective tissue), wheat (they have poor aminogram and are moderately tolerated), and watch out for – Soy (This recommendation relates primarily to men – in one study demonstrated that soy protein reduces testosterone levels). To “suspicious” while additives should include: creatine, glycine and taurine, as these compounds during product labeling nutritional value artificially inflate protein content.

The third principle: do not be influenced by dosing contained on the label

Although it may seem strange, it is really suggesting a proposal how to take protein supplements contained on the label is not a good idea. Let me just remind that the usual recommendation says to accept any, preparation in doses of 30 – 40g per serving in the morning, before and after training and before bedtime. However, in practice such a scheme could lead to excessive intakes of protein. Proteins should be dosed individually, or take them as needed. To illustrate I will say this: the protein portion of the product can be likened to a portion of lean meat or fat cottage cheese. Policy forms are so close here. It is worth to know your daily protein needs and be able to estimate the average intake of food and on the basis of these data weave menu protein preparation.

Fourth principle: do not overdo it – more is not always better

Some people think that the lack of satisfactory progress despite heavy training is associated with inadequate protein intake and Testogen. Thus, there is an idea to add another portion of nutrients in the diet thus providing an appropriate dose of building materials. However, as already mentioned in the discussion of the first principle, in fact, it is rare that the limiting factor was the growth of muscle tissue protein deficiency. This deficiency is often non-protein calories, training errors or too weak for proper regeneration pressure. Excess protein can be downright harmful, and even if this does not turn out – it still is not justified economically.

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Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.