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How To Fill A Reusable Vape Cartridge With Cbd Oil Efficiently?

Soon after the legalization of cannabidiol or CBD infused products, many people are suffering from some common ailments such as pain, anxiety, digestive issues, inflammation, and disturbed sleep. Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis Sativa plant naturally with some amazing healing properties. It can be consumed in different ways and forms like CBD oil, creams, gels, vape pens, gummies, lotions, and many others. Vaping CBD is often considered as one of the effective methods to take CBD and it is done with the help of Vape pens. After using onetime, it indeed seems wasteful to throw away vape pen cartridges when they can be refilled for using them again to consume CBD.

One can add more oil according to usage and need as vape pen cartridges are a one-time investment that can be beneficial for long-term use. The process of refilling the cartridge of a vape pen is an easy and convenient process that takes only a couple of minutes for the consumer. It doesn’t require any kind of special tool, either a blunt needle or other than a syringe will be helpful to make it easier to avoid spills. But what is the efficient way to refill a vape pen cartridge so that it can be used again and again? Here are the 3 steps which exhibit the most efficient way to refill a cartridge without wasting it or throwing it away:

  1. Filling the syringe with up to 1 ml of the CBD oilrequires one to be careful about how much oil a particular cartridge will take us there is generally an indication line which one should not go over when adding the oil. Opening a disposable vape pen cartridge by twisting off the mouthpiece can be the very first step in the refilling process.
  2. After deciding the amount, unscrew the flattened metal top of the vape pen cartridge to refill the CBD oil. Generally, some cartridges have a center post and it will need oil to be added carefully between the inner wall of the chamber and the post. This the moment when the syringe can be very useful. In this step, using a syringe or an eyedropper, fill the vape pen cartridge with the oil.
  3. Next, hold the oil-filled syringe vertical so that no spilling of oil happens. This is a plastic piece that perfectly fits over the tip end of the syringe just like a pen cap.  Now, taking a hold of the mouthpiece from the safe place and screw it back into place. It becomes vital to ensure that the mouthpiece is fully in place and firmly screwed on but not very tightly as it can break the cartridge.

While refilling the cartridge, one needs to know first how to tell when the vape cartridge is fully done. No user would want to mix the fresh matter in the cartridge containing other pre-used matter as it isn’t always a great idea because no one can predict the taste or affect the user together.

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