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Clever Ways To Know When Your Movie’s Playing And Where

Planning ahead always helps, and when it comes to watching movies, it is very important. Unless you are the type to take chances and enjoy a random film being played at the moment, well, you do you!

Where to find free apps for watching movies here?

There are many different ways through which you can check the timings of your favourite shows and pre-book them;

Download these freshly from your playstore:

  • IMDb

This is the most popular app for movie timings and reviews worldwide. It consists of an online database containing a wide range of information about films, TV programs, and even video games! Fan and critical reviews, plot summaries, and show timings in different theatres are all mentioned in the app. In order to access data, the user will be required to register first. The user can feel free to volunteer and contribute (with reviews).

  • BookMyShow

As of now, this company is the biggest ticketing platform in India! Users can not only view the timings but also book their show. The app offers information about a plethora of events, including; concerts, fests, sports events, and stand up performances. If you are a movie fanatic, then this is the best app. You can also check reviews from critics such as rotten tomatoes and immediately make the decision of booking your tickets.

  • PVR cinemas

This new PVR app makes your movie booking experience extremely easy and problem- free. You can check show timings, read summaries and reviews of your films, be updated with new films, buy tickets and also pre book and reserve your seats, along with this you also get a lot of loyalty benefits. It allows for a peaceful discovery of shows and ticket availability. You can limitlessly search for the best offers, movie timings and food coupons, because what is a movie without some food? The app also makes recommendations and lets you tailor them according to your preferences, so you don’t even need to bother searching! If you thought this was the end, the company has even partnered up with ola, so you can book a cab and never be even a minute late to your show!

  • Maxus cinema

This app is now available in android for free! You can search up the movie based on its language and genre. Read the reviews, check the timings and theatres, and also book desired seats. There is a payment option available, in case you want to purchase tickets.

  • INOX

When everything is at your fingertips, life becomes easier. From shows to timings to tickets as well as food and beverages, everything can be viewed and booked! Top movies come on the recommended list, so you don’t have to move a finger. Judge by the number of stars and see if you have any seats left, it is a paradise for all the INOX fans out there.

  • Cinepolis India

Skip those long queues and frustrating moments of finding when the next movie is. Download the Cinepolis app and breeze through show timings, food offers, special discounts, and so much more. Go ahead and book your tickets and reserve the best seats for yourself! As simple as it sounds!

Too lazy to book?

Well, if you don’t feel like booking tickets or don’t have the will to spend money on entertainment, don’t fear. You can findfree apps for watching movies here;

  • Showbox
  • Sony crackle
  • Viki
  • Vudo
  • Tubi
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