Care of an Undernourished Cat

Many a times, you are attracted to a stray animal wandering outside without any master. You may feel to take care of that strange visitor. Very well, you can rise up to the occasion to the duty to love animals but at the same time must be aware of the health hazards associated with such noble intention of yours. Stray animals of any kind are risky to handle but don’t get disheartened, you can still help the poor malnourished cat with some efficient precautions on your part to make the endeavor a safe one.

First of all, get in touch with an experienced vet so that he is able to diagnose if the cat has rabies or not. The apparent sign would be the foaming mouth of the cat. The required medical management will be taken care of by the vet. The cat must be thoroughly examined by the vet in terms of obvious patches of furs on the body or any such abnormalities in this respect. If there is positive signal from the vet that the cat is free from those untoward signs, you can start taking care of the malnourished cat.

You can check it out it out for yourself how dangerous such signs can be as malnourishment is one of the biggest reasons why most animals that don’t have a good lifestyle are dying on the road everyday so it is better to follow the vet’s order and do exactly as he says.

The situation of the destitute cat will not be able to enjoy solid food due to it’s under nourished teeth and gum condition and hence will need liquid and pliable meals like dry food with milk to make it softer and easy for the cat. Continue this schedule for some time till the cat recovers from the poor condition of health and begins to feel normal. Be careful about the behavior of the cat while eating its food, instead of only watching, help the undernourished cat to feed the cat if it is required at his condition of health. You must have constant vigil on the status of the cat and assist the unfortunate cat to pull up its strength to a better level.

If the cat is extremely weak and can not even take the semi sold food, treat him with a soup type item and position the food bowl within its easy reach. In worst cases, where the cat fails to take the food on its own, you will have to make the arrangements of feeding the cat with spoon and put the soup deep into his mouth so that the cat has to do the process of gulping the food only. You can use a dropper with big holes made into it and help the cat to have his meals. Don’t forget to add vitamins and other medications as per the recommendations of your vet, which will give the sick cat the inner strength to fight the rough weather. Serve the cat with a spirit of tolerance and tenderness in your actions so the creature is able to recover from the shock.

Nursing a cat is like the same as to give service to any sick human being. The sick cat will be able to regain the heath with your considerate approach for the sake of humanity for all creatures in the world. It will take some time but eventually the cat is going to lead a normal life once again.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.