A Quick Journey Through the Seventh Generation Video Game Consoles

Video games have been the favorite past time for a lot of people around the world. From children to adults, all of us love to try our hands on a good piece of game and spend some time in leisure. Gaming consoles have allowed us to play our games in the most efficient and convenient. Since the first gaming console was released more than a decade ago, there has been no turning back for companies manufacturing these devices. Over the years, these consoles have evolved with time and provided us the best technologies that can help us play our games.

The Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the Wii are the most famous 7th Generation gaming consoles to have ever been manufactured. These devices brought the gamers a medium that will never be forgotten easily. The 7th generation gaming consoles will always be one of the best era of gaming consoles to have ever existed. And a lot of people, if not everyone, will agree with us.

Why are the 7th Generation Consoles the Best?

The 7th Generation Gaming consoles are termed as one of the best because they brought a huge technological leap which lasted for a long period of time. They offered a spectacular gaming experience which had never been seen before. Sony and Microsoft, both the companies asked their chip manufacturer, IBM, to produce gaming chip that would be powering their gaming consoles in the most efficient manner. And, as a result with a $400 million budget and almost 5 years of development, the 7th generation gaming consoles were developed. They took the world by storm. Gamers around the world were astonished how powerful the 7th generation consoles were over the previous generation. It was found that the PS3 was almost 65 times more powerful than the PS2 and it delivered very beautiful graphics and overall game performance which impressed millions around the world.

The 7th Generation gaming consoles also changed the whole scenario of motion-gaming. Nintendo made it their trademark feature and more or less, every company tried to bring new changes. On the other hand, Microsoft gets the credit for wireless connectivity. They brought sleek design, solid build quality and more importantly fantastic wireless technology that allowed gamers to play their games without the need for wires anymore. So, this generation of gaming console introduced amazing new changes to the gaming consoles which definitely made gaming more interesting and convenient.

The features we are talking about, wireless connectivity and motion control, maybe of not so significant importance in 2019, but during the mid-2000s, they were brand new to the people and young people who loved to play games were surprised to see that they can also play games in such a manner. It was truly miraculous. That is the reason why, a lot of people still consider the 7th generation gaming consoles to be the best in the market and the world has ever seen.

Biggest Benefit of 7th Generation Consoles

Apart from all the previously mentioned points, the biggest benefit of the 7th generation console is that they redefined console gaming medium. The games of this generation were some of the greatest games of the whole time line of video games. It is true that the games did not possess the kind of graphics that we see to nowadays, however those games were fun and very exciting to play, which made them so much popular among the gamers around the world. These superb games very easily compatible with these consoles. Games like Journey, God of War 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princes, etc. were the best games that you could easily play on these consoles conveniently. Many of these games were also available on multiple platforms which allowed gamers using different kinds of consoles to play them very easily. These were also really convenient and easier to carry anywhere you would go. Just put them in your bag and start playing whenever you wanted.

Final Verdict 

standing in 2019, we are blessed with brand new technological advancements almost every single year. Developers and gaming experts are always trying to improve the standard of gaming and want to provide the people with solid gaming experience and gameplay.  However, if you look back in time a few years before, the 7th generation gaming consoles were rocking the world. These consoles were the best in the business which had brought absolutely new features that were never seen before.

A fully modified version of PlayStation would still be able to deliver almost same level of power and efficiency like today’s generation of consoles. If you ask me, I might as well invest in the most powerful 7th generation gaming console of that period, instead of choosing a console that we can find nowadays in the market.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.