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Copper Canyon’s past is one upheaval and turmoil, literally, as the six canyons called Copper Canyon were created during a volcanic disturbance about 35 million years ago. Today, tourism at Copper Canyon is one of the ways that the region shares its natural resources and culture. Accommodations Tourism is relatively new to Copper Canyon in […]

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Hispanic Marketing 101 for increase in website ranks

People eat. People sleep. People go to the bathroom. But what do Hispanics do? It seems the ad world continues to be all a flutter with their new found awareness of the “Hispanic Market”. They’ve discovered that Hispanics have money and like to buy things. But the problem at hand is how do marketers get “them” to buy certain things at certain times, you know: how to advertise and market to Hispanics like they do to other people. Well, let’s see what we can discover. What will be the Best SEO Services in San Diego? Many people and business firms are asking the question from the experts. The ranking at the Google will be excellent through the services. 

I’m Hispanic. And yes, I eat, and sleep, and go to the bathroom. But do I do these things like other people do? What are the cultural differences that define my actions. How can someone better understand the nuances that differentiate how I eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom? Now, people might say, “Hey, but you may eat things that are culturally specific, as well as perhaps use culturally specific sleep aids, or maybe have a culturally specific affinity for a certain kind of…um, toilet tissue.” Well, the last comment not withstanding, these thoughts may have some validity, but the problem is they’re based on the assumption that people buy things because of what things “do”. But that’s not usually the case.

People buy things mainly because of how those things make them feel. Pepsi doesn’t quench your thirst as much as it makes you feel young, which is why it’s “The Choice of a New Generation.” Are you depressed or thirsty? Either way, have a Coke and “Open Happiness”. Want to make a cell phone call, or would you rather feel powerful and “Rule the Air” with Verizon? How about having insurance coverage that is complete and comprehensive, or would you rather feel safe and comforted by knowing “You’re in Good Hands with Allstate”? And of course, you could buy a running shoe that supports your stride and cushions your steps, or you could feel determined and encouraged and “Just Do It”. Feeling, rather than doing, is what sells products. So how do Hispanics “feel”?

My Abuela (Grandmother) has used Wisk for as long as I can remember. I also remember as a kid watching the dubbed commercials on channel 47 (NYC’s Spanish channel before Univision), the same commercials used for the English speaking market repurposed, and seeing my Abuela respond to the embarrassment that is “ring-aroundthe-collar”. She would tell me in her broken English when I would try to use laundry detergent by itself, “No no Richie, you have to using the Wisk.” She didn’t want me to be embarrassed if someone saw my ring-around-the-collar, or God forbid thought she didn’t know how to properly clean her grandson’s shirts. And so it goes with every other product my family has bought and used over the years. Why?

The emotional connection the better produced ads produced, produced better engagement, retention, and ultimately sales. The reason is is because more than just being Hispanic, we’re human. And humans of all cultures generally respond to the same things. That’s why it’s called Human Nature. It’s the reason why we Hispanics can enjoy the same TV shows, movies, and songs that the rest of the country likes even though they weren’t specifically tailored to our “cultural demographic”. It’s the reason why you can laugh and/or cry at foreign films, enjoy a song outside of your cultural norm (you like Country Music but you’re tapping your foot to Kanye’s “Gold Digger” despite yourself), or look at a French painting and be devastated by its use of color and composition. But this doesn’t mean that our differences should be totally ignored either.

Diversity equals strength. It’s what helps to make the human race so strong, and what can also give a marketing message its strength. Yet, seeing and hearing people who look like us and people we know helps us to better identify and listen to what’s being said. That too is human nature. So the key is finding the balance between communicating the human message while making sure you also communicate an inclusive one. I’m not advocating the homogenization of the marketplace or suggesting we ignore any cultural differences whatsoever. At my company, razorsharp creative, we look at specifics and demographics too and understand the importance of knowing your audience. But, the heavy lifting is not in trying to find what culturally sets us apart, but rather what universally affects us all. Although, there are those who feel there is more to the story than meets the eye.

There are those who say that America is changing and we’re not living (or marketing) in our parent’s America. I agree. But that’s less a cultural issue than it is a generational one. My son is Hispanic, he’s also sixteen years old and looks at the world through a lens that is less of the former and more of the latter. But he’s also a human being, whose thoughts and feelings are now tilting more toward exaggeration rather than exclusivity. His desire to fit in and be liked and be successful isn’t any different than mine, just more exaggerated. And so when marketing to him, finding the thread of that emotional connection should be more focused on his exaggeration rather than his ethnicity. So what does this all mean?

People can be complicated, but most of the time they’re pretty simple. They love, they laugh, and they want to enjoy life. Pretty common and pretty simple. And no one ever said the more complicated a marketing message the better. My overall point is that the hullabaloo over the “Hispanic Market” is more misguided than it is meaningful. It’s okay to try to find what sets us apart and thread a marketing message through that needle, but focusing more on the things that make us similar instead of trying to find profit in the few things that make us different will be an easier, more effective way for a marketing message to succeed.

A Review of Microsoft’s WebMatrix

I’m sure as a developer by now you have heard that Microsoft released a new free web development product called Web Matrix ( Web Matrix is aimed at junior developers who most likely are using scripting technologies like PHP. You can edit PHP with intellisense in WebMatrix, and you can through a web interface setup common open source applications on your computer for development and later deployment very quickly (things like WordPress, Drupal, SiteFinity, etc…). Web Matrix also introduces a new language syntax called “Razor” which is aimed at rapid site development with a low learning curve. Web Matrix also comes with many Razor helpers that allow inexperienced developers (or experienced ones that just want to get something done quickly) to add social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter) and simple dynamic data tasks to Razor web sites they are building in Web Matrix. More helpers will be developed as this product matures, so there will be many common web development tasks that can be done quickly with Web Matrix. Lastly, Web Matrix offers one click deployment to a selected number of site hosting companies (all of which have free Beta offerings right now). With all this Web Matrix offers a one stop shop for light web development projects.

Over all I’m pretty excited about Web Matrix. I can see a lot of people who aren’t yet cool enough to own a Mac (sarcasm…though Mac’s are cool, just expensive) who could use Web Matrix effectively to hack out web sites based on PHP open source web projects very quickly. I’m really excited about the new Razor syntax, which will become the new default syntax for Microsoft’s next MVC (Model View Controller) web development path, as well as a stand alone syntax that powers the new .vbhtml and .cshtml web pages. I like Razor for the same reason many people liked the current MVC syntax, it gets a developer closer to the HTML/Javascript code and makes development a lot easier then dealing with abstracted Web Form .aspx pages.

Web Matrix also gives you a two other nice tools besides the Web Matrix editor. One is IIS Express, which is near full featured version of Microsoft’s IIS Web Server. IIS Express supports routing with little configuration even if you are running IIS Express without administrative rights. The other goodie is SQL Compact Version 4 Beta, which gives you a good chunk of SQL Server Database functionality without having to run either a SQL Server service or full blown SQL Server version. This makes Web Matrix sites very easy to deploy to most hosting companies.

One thing to note about Web Matrix is that most of the “professional” Microsoft Web Developer bloggers hate Web Matrix. There are two main critiques, and one fear that seems to be trending in their opinions of Web Matrix. The first critique is that the Web Matrix/Razor scripting model takes a huge step backwards in regards to professional development (OOP, abstraction, seperation of concerns, test driven development, etc…). They worry that developers learning how to develop web applictions with Web Matrix will shy away from best practices that the industry has fought so hard to instill in new developers. They argue it is better to learn how to do things “right” from day one rather then start off with “sloppy” practices and change them later. My response to this would be that many of these developers came up through the ranks with tools that would be considered “sloppy” today (mainly because the level of professional tooling that pro developers are advocating didn’t exists say ten years ago as it does today), and some how these developers learned to overcome their initial habits. I would also say that many web developers are still being productive using “sloppy” habits. Most of the web sites we go to every day were initially just hacked together to get the concept up and running, and then professionals came in and cleaned up the code later. Why keep everyone who isn’t a professional developer from being creative and getting something out there that could become the next Facebook?

The second critique I’m seeing from the pro-bloggosphere concering Web Matrix is it’s data model (Web.Data). There main critique is that it causes mixing of inline SQL with HTML in Razor syntax, which theoretically makes the application harder to maintain. Also using Web.Data is a little, if a Razor web site isn’t crafted with a little bit of care, leaves the Razor site open to a common web data attack known as SQL Injection. This is easy enough to code for in Web Matrix, but it is a more deliberate act by the developer of the application, were some of the newer Microsoft data models like the Entity Framework or Linq to SQL by their very architecture renders SQL Injection attacks virtually a non-threat. I’d say the Pro develops have a point, but then again, many sites that are used every day manage to avoid SQL injection attacks without the abstraction levels that the newer data access models provide. For most applications I think Web.Data will be fine, and I like how quickly I can get data access up and going using Web.Data and Razor.

The last problem the Pro-bloggosphere has with the Web Matrix is a little harder to discern but if you read through enough of their posts you will see it. It is fear. If web development becomes too easy, what happens to their pay checks? They go down. I think their fears are ungrounded, as their are many situations where the demand for professional developers will only grow not shrink.

So is Web Matrix ready for prime time? Well, kinda. If you are an open source web developer using common Drupal, WordPress, SiteFinity, etc… I think even in Beta you can get a tremendous amount of value out of using Web Matrix to create and edit your sites right now. If you are an entry level web developer trying to learn C# at this point in time I think you are better off with Visual Studio Express. The Razor syntax, though cool, isn’t fully documented yet (though close), and there is no intellisense with Razor in this Beta release which makes developing Razor sites a little more challenging then Razor cshtml/vbhtml web pages are meant to be. I would definately check out the next release though.

So to recap, Web Matrix provides-

* A free editor that supports PHP, C#, and the new Razor Syntax from Microsoft

* A new web server to develop with (IIS Express)

* A new file system database format based on SQL Server (SQL Compact Edition 4 Beta)

* Easy creation of many open source based web sites (Drupal, WordPress, DotNetNuke)

* One click deployment to select servers (both full updates and incremental updates)

Common Critiques from Professional Microsoft Developers about Web Matrix Are-

* Junior developers who learn how to build sites with Web Matrix will develop bad habits

* Web Matrix’s data access (Web.Data) is a step backward

* Web Matrix will make it too easy to build web applications and professionals feel threatened 🙂


If you are a PHP developer developing open source based web sites on Windows, Web Matrix is for you If you are hoping to learn how to develop web applications using Microsoft technologies, Web Matrix is still in beta and you are better off waiting for the official release which will have more features, better documentation, and intellisense. If you like productivity, rapid application development, and you really don’t mind programming languages like Classic ASP or PHP, Web Matrix and the new Razor syntax is worth checking out now. Many people are recommending to full stack lowcode application for the websites. The changes in the technology will be the latest with proper safety for the working of the enterprises. 

Tiger Woods’ Star-Crossed Marriage: An Astrological Analysis

Tiger Woods’ Star Crossed Marriage – the spark ignited and flames of passion were strong, but just as quickly fizzled out.

What went wrong in this marriage that caused Tiger Woods to stray and seek satisfaction in the arms of other women? One look at the horoscope of Tiger and Erin tells it all. If people would just pay attention to their compatibility based on their horoscopes, there wouldn’t be so many divorces and broken families. Most relationships are based on sexuality and passion, which is not a lasting combination for marriage. When two people, such as Tiger and Erin have a Mars, sexually based attraction, the average span of the relationship is about 18 months – 2 years, or the time it takes for Mars to orbit back to the point of their first meeting. Apparently, Tiger became disillusioned with the relationship sometime after that point, because he cheated for 3 years and they have been married for 5 years. Mars relationships, while they spark initial passion and great sex, they also cause the equal amount of anger causing the pair have incredibly hot-tempered fights that become loud and violent.

The first consideration is the Sun Sign -Tiger and Erin are both Capricorns. In most cases, two people of the same sign are not compatible because when their planets are negative in the heavens, both suffer. When partners are different signs, one will usually be positive and can bolster up the negativity of the other partner who is suffering from a bad planet.

Even though both are Capricorns, the supporting planets show them to be totally different people. Tiger is outgoing, exuberant and generous to friends. He is a sportsman with a multi-faceted personality and becomes easily bored with most people, therefore, he has a tendency to seek other women. His Venus placed in Scorpio makes him very passionate, along with Mars in Sagittarius, an indication of the eternal bachelor. He doesn’t want to be fenced in. Erin is a more typical Capricorn and had several planets in Virgo, which makes her practical, a loner and very status conscious. She is interested in having money in the bank, which is her security, and she doesn’t want to do a lot of entertaining. She doesn’t believe in generosity to friends and spending money, which is in conflict to her husband. She also has Venus in Aquarius, not a very sexual placement and suggests that she is turned on by intellectual compatibility with her partner, therefore, when the exchange of ideas was no longer there, she lost interest in sex. She didn’t feel appreciated by her husband, so she stopped pleasing him.

When Saturn entered Virgo in September of 2007, a strain to Erin’s Virgo planets and Tiger’s Gemini- Sagittarius opposition caused the relationship to grow further apart. She was disillusioned and he felt misunderstood. They were able to hold the relationship together for the sake of appearances and keep their affairs private until Pluto entered Capricorn, and Saturn changed signs at the end of October, 2009 into Libra, two negative aspects that caused a steady decline and the inability to reach an understanding as well as public exposure and legal troubles. Saturn in Libra (a 2-year cycle) is a negative aspect to Capricorns and causes traumatic occurrences, financial losses, loneliness and a loss of reputation. By May 2010, the relationship should be ended with both parties losing the lavish lifestyle they were accustomed to, as well as the loss of friends in the social circle. It will take over two years for progress, happiness and success to come to Tiger again. A circle should be created after making a visit at the abraj alyawm site. The forming of the social circle will be according to the requirement and benefits of the person. 

Faux Finish Painting: Ragging

Another in my series of faux finish painting is Ragging. This one is easy and fast to do and will leave your walls looking old (kind of like an old leather purse if you will). With the right colors it reminds me of my grandparents home when I was a child; full of memories. Ragging can be done with almost anything you chose such as twisted rags, scrunched up paper bags, paper towels, plastic wrap, or even bubble wrap.

For this article we will use rags.

The materials that you will need for this project is: gloves (standard kitchen gloves work well), a roller set-up, tray, lots of rags or other material of your choosing, satin or semi-gloss base paint (satin has very little shine to it whereas semi-gloss will have a bit more), glaze and paint to mix with the glaze for your top coat, painters tape and a drop cloth. When the body of the person will be fit, then the artistic work will be excellent. The use of the site can be done for checking the reviews of artists that are offering some great paintings. 

As always I recommend that you get the practice boards from the hardware store to practice on. It’s much easier to throw these away when it doesn’t look like you thought it would, rather than having to paint your entire room again. This will also give you the chance to use different materials to do the ragging with so you can see which one is more pleasing to you.

Using the painters tape; tape off the edges of door jams, windows, and baseboards. Do any repairs to your walls that are needed, such as filling in nail holes with spackle. Paint your walls with the base coat and allow them to dry at least 2-4 hours. I usually wait till the next day to do the next step.

Now prepare your second coat by mixing one part of your second color paint with four parts of glaze. Put 2 or 3 cups of this into your tray. Dab the twisted rags into the paint and dab the excess off on the tray top. Quickly dab the rag over the base color making sure to change hand position so that a regular pattern doesn’t appear.

Do the entire room using this method. Make sure to change the rag often. After about a dozen or so times of dabbing it into the paint the rag will lose the ability to do well because it will have too much paint already on it and you can’t get rid of the excess. You can purchase a box of rags at most hardware stores so you’ll have plenty to work with.

Ragging leaves a wonderful old feel to your room. It is also one of the messiest finishes to do so don’t forgo the gloves with this one. Have fun and save lots of money doing it.

Best Green Appliances for an Apartment

When it comes the being green there are many aspects of your house to look at. If have been trying to save more and more energy then you are probably stuck with the little things that you must carefully examine. What If you have just decided to become green and you live in an apartment. That means that you should start with the big things first. The big things will obviously be the larger appliances that use up the most energy to operate. Another way of looking at it is looking for the appliances that create the larger portion of you bills. Most of the condo new school make use of such green appliances. 

Many of the larger appliances include a washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, and a microwave. These are not all of the appliances that you could have. They are just a handful that you could start with to change you apartment green.

When it comes to getting a washing machine, most people look for the cheapest one that they can find. The cheapest ones are almost always top-loading washers. The thing about these is they use much more water and energy than the front-loading washers. Therefore, the front-loading washer would more than pay for itself over a relatively short period of time. According to the Best Buy website, one of the Samsung front-loading washers operates for less then $10 a year.

When it comes to being green with a dryer, the best thing that you can do is get rid of it. There is really no way around it. It takes an enormous amount of energy to generate the heat that is needed to dry your clothes. This is why it is so hard for a dryer to be Energy Star qualified. Gas dryers are not as safe and generate unnecessary carbon. If you just have to get a dryer then get the biggest one you can find. This will reduce the overall time you have to have the dryer operating. The ideal situation is to only have 1 load. Sometimes this can outperform Energy Star qualified dryers such as the Asko dryer because it slightly less power than most regular dryers. Having to use it twice will defeat the purpose of getting it.

Next is your vacuum cleaner. The two things to look at are bags and power usage. A vacuum cleaner that does not use bags is an obviously plus when it comes to being green. Power usage is no so obvious because vacuum cleaners do seem like they use up a lot of energy. I power on two vacuum cleaners simultaneously and in less than 10 seconds the circuit breaker cut the power to that room. The best way to solve this problem is the get a Dyson Ultra Compact vacuum cleaner. With its 6.5 amp motor it uses almost have the power as a conventional vacuum cleaner. Best of all, it is does not use bags.

Refrigerators are much easier to buy. You just have to make sure that it is Energy Star qualified. Another thing you can look for is a water filtration system. This will give you no reason at all to buy bottled water. Refrigerators such as the Electrolux Side-by-Side refrigerator fit this description and cost less than $50 a year to operate.

Microwaves are not as hard but you still need to do some research when buying them. It would probably best to get a 900-watt midsized microwave, such as the Sharp 1.5 cubic foot microwave, so that you won’t have to use it twice. Most microwaves use over 1000 watts so you can burn your food by mistake.

Guidance about the Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Science tells us that nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore, in those places that something has disappeared or been removed, something else will come to take its place. This natural law can be applied to our lives as well, and used to our benefit. Clear out old stuff in your life and let new stuff in, clear out old thoughts so new thoughts can enter.

If your closet or garage is so full that not a single other thing can fit into it, then not a single other thing can fit into it. But create a vacuum, clean it out, get rid of some of the old stuff, and make some room in it, and new things will find their way.

Have you heard someone say, or have you said yourself, my briefcase (or purse, or storage space) was so full I got a bigger one, and it ended up getting full, too? That’s because nature abhors a vacuum, and by getting that bigger ‘whatever’ with all that empty space, you created a vacuum. And since nature abhors a vacuum, you satisfied the law and filled the empty space up, whether you did it consciously or not.

This is true not just for the physical world, but for the mental world, as well. Nature abhors a vacuum, even if the vacuum is in your mind. Think of your mind as your closet or garage or purse. Is there a vacuum there, or is it filled to capacity, and what is it filled with? Clear out old thoughts and new thoughts have room. The purchasing of the product should be made from the Top 5 Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2020 available in the market. The prices should not exceed the funds available with the person. 

Knowing that what we think about and give our energy to is what manifests in our world, take a look around you and see what’s on your mind. Do you like your mental ‘stuff’ or is it the kind of things that are jammed in the corners of your closet or garage, and has been there so long you don’t even remember that you had it or why?

If you don’t like what you see, think about cleaning out those old thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that created that world, just like you’d clean out your closets or your garage, and make space for new thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that will bring you something you like better. Create a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum and will work to fill it up.

Just as we outgrow clothes and fashions, and favorite toys and games, we can outgrow beliefs and habits. And just like we need to get rid of the old clothes that no longer fit us or are out of fashion, we need to get rid of habits and attitudes that no longer serve us.

But we can’t acquire or store new thoughts and ideas unless there’s room for them. Comfortable as they are, or much as we think we might, one day, have need of those paisley bell-bottoms, or that old way of reacting or thinking, we don’t. We have to get rid of old thoughts before we can bring something new and better in.

Nature abhors a vacuum (and so does your mind). Get rid of the old in your closets and your mind, and make room for the new. It works. It has to. It’s a law.

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media Sites

A big challenge facing parents today is the safety of their children on social media sites. Whether your child is a pre-teen or a teenager, more and more communication and interaction is occurring on-line. With concerns ranging from bullying to predators, parents must deal with increasingly complex issues that are related to followers on Instagram. All this can be quite taxing on your kid’s mind which is why you should take some serious steps in order to keep your kids safe from online threats. 

However, there are some simple steps parents can take to help protect their children.

Know the Password

Part of growing up is earning privacy and being trusted. However, parents still have the right and responsibility to monitor the activities of their children. Social media sites are no different than any other privilege. Something as simple as having your child’s password to a site can go a long way towards ensuring no inappropriate or dangerous communications are taking place. Whether a parent frequently logs on or not, knowing your child’s password to their social media accounts can provide peace of mind for the parent and an added control.

Be Friends

Make it a requirement that your children add you as contacts or friends on their social media sites. This keeps the awareness high that the account is a privilege and not a right. It also gives a parent a feel for the types of conversations or activities taking place. This also provides a parent with a view of the types of friends or contacts your child has on social media sites and helps you monitor any new additions.

Be Active

Don’t be afraid to comment on your child’s posts, photos, or comments. This not only shows your child that you are paying attention but also serves as notification to friends and contacts that your child has an involved parent staying in touch with what is going on.

Monitor the Content

Look at your child’s photos, links, and other additions. If you find something inappropriate, have your child remove the information. This can range from a photo you do not approve of to a friend’s comment or post you find offensive.

Monitor the Contacts

When your child adds new friends or contacts, check them out. In most cases, it will be an age-appropriate contact such as a school friend or other social acquaintance. However, if the contact is an adult, take a few moments to research and ensure the contact is appropriate.

Pull the Plug

Remember that social media accounts are a privilege. If your child is abusing the privilege and is not adhering to family rules, deactivate the account. Whether it is a short-term restriction or a more permanent one, this shows both the child and any friends or contacts that an involved parent is ensuring their child’s safety.

Parenting in today’s world is complex and often scary. Social media sites provide a wonderful way for children to remain in contact with others and to share information. At the same time, virtual networks can also be dangerous. Taking a few moments to review your child’s on-line information can make a big difference in their safety and your peace of mind.

Some Of The Best Diy Rugs And Carpets Ideas For Your Home!

Rugs and carpets have become an integral part of most of the modern house decor. Almost everyone has some carpets and rugs placed in their homes as they enhance the look of the house to a great extent, and along with it, they also offer the people living in the house, excellent level warmth, and comfort. There are various types of rugs and carpets available in the market, and with the burgeoning demand of rugs and carpets, their price has also skyrocketed in the last few years. The increases in the prices have made it difficult for less affluent people to buy carpets.

The enhancement in the prices has made people turn towards different DIY ideas for rugs. These rugs are quite affordable and will come easily in your budget. These rugs are highly comfortable and offer great warmth in winters when the floor gets quite cold. You can add some embroidered leather poufs along with the rugs in the room, as it will enhance the look of the room more. There are various DIY ideas according to different locations in the house. You can learn about some of the most amazing DIY rugs ideas that you can use at your home.

Most cute, comfortable and simple DIY carpets and rugs

Braided round shaped rug

It is one of the best DIY rugs that you can make at your home without any sewing or stitching. You can make it at your home, using any old t-shirt and turning it into a beautiful rug. You can easily create it by braiding the t-shirt in a circular shape and decorating it before using it as a rug or carpet.

Cute pom-pom rugs

There nothing cuter than having a colorful pom-pom rug in your room, and one of the best things about them is that you can make them at your home easily. These rugs are not only beautiful and cute but are also quite easy to make. You just need to have yarn of your favorite colors, and you can use them to create the pom poms. It will be better if you choose the color of the yarn according to the interiors and the color scheme of the room where you want to place that rug. The making of these rugs is quite a fun process, and you can spend your free time in the best possible way by creating some handmade pom rugs for your house.

Make proper use of the dropcloth

You can use the dropcloth in your house to make one of the most useful and simple rugs. There are some places or rooms in the house, such as a mudroom, where the rugs get quite dirty quickly, and placing any expensive rugs there is a foolish thing. For such rooms, you can use a fantastic DIY rug idea of utilizing the dropcloth and turning it into an attractive carpet. It is a highly cost-efficient idea to get a beautiful and useful rug.

Rugs with old denim

Denim is popular for a long time, and most probably, they are the only trend that is still popular in today’s rapidly changing world. Denims gets old and worn out, and people throw them, but instead of throwing them, you can make great use of them by using them to create rugs for the house. Denim rugs are quite unique and immensely attractive. You can gather some of your old and worn out denims and put them together to make a beautiful rug for your house. The best thing about denim rugs is that they are highly durable and long-lasting. Along with the durability, they will give the house a different look and will enhance the beauty of the place where they will be placed.

Make use of old-T-shirts

Just like old denim, old t-shirts can also be used to make homemade rugs that have a unique look and make the decor of the house different from others. The t-shirts make a fantastic squishy rug that helps you to make the best use of all your old and worn out t-shirts.

To put it in a nutshell, there are a lot of different DIY ideas that you can use to make some of the most attractive rugs and that too at highly affordable or even no cost.

Why Should You Trade In Cryptocurrency?

With the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the market of cryptocurrency trading is at it its full swing. There are several benefits of trading in cryptocurrencies as compared to other trading methods. This is why these digital currencies are getting more and more popular these days. Cryptocurrency trading is buying and selling of these digital currencies in order to gain more profit. You can use your credit card or bank transfers to buy cryptocurrencies through several exchange platforms.

The cryptocurrency market uses blockchain technology which makes them decentralized. Which is why there is no central authority that is there to regulate the flow and trade of cryptocurrency. This is another reason why we see there are no taxes on cryptocurrency trades making it more lucrative for investors.

We see several online exchange and trading platforms in the market that are credible and are really easy to use even for beginners. There are online trading tools such as Bitcoin Circuit that enable beginners to start with cryptocurrency trading with the help of analytical robots. Other than this let’s look at other benefits that cryptocurrency trading offers:

  • With the high volatility of these digital currencies, these currencies are lucrative opportunities for short term and long term investments. Experienced investors can easily reap profits with cryptocurrency trading. This high volatility is what makes cryptocurrency trading more interesting. However, other than bitcoin all other altcoins are generally stable which makes them suitable for businesses as well.

  • As there is time boundation for the trading market, anyone can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, as there is no centralized governance on these market any investor can work according to his schedule and trade globally with any extra taxes. Moreover, as these transactions take place between individuals there is no need for intermediaries like banks or third party software. Investors might face downtime within the network as the network upgrades its infra.

  • How fast you can convert any cryptocurrency into cash without affecting its market value is known as liquidity. It is an important phenomenon as it brings forth faster transaction speed and price for any cryptocurrency.

This is why we see high volatility in bitcoins as even the smallest transactions can affect the cryptocurrency market.

  • The ability of cryptocurrency for going short is another significant aspect of the cryptocurrency market. This is a term that is used to define the fact that, you can take advantage of both the rise and fall in the price of cryptocurrencies.

  • Moreover, you need an online wallet that you can use for trading. It is an easy process in which you just need to deposit your trading amount in your wallet along with the verification of your personal details. You need minimal details in order to open an account. This is how you can easily open your cryptocurrency wallet and start trading.

  • There are several exchange platforms available online that you can use to change cryptocurrencies to cash and vice versa. It is really easy and much faster than any of the baking services.

Besides all this, there are several security issues with this, such as online security and data theft. This is why you should be really careful and cautious as you get into the world of online digital currency trading.

Yoga For Back – Alleviating The Back Pain And Increases Flexibility

Yoga for Back Tension – After having my children I began having constant back pain that generated from my sciatic nerve. There were days I was having difficulty caring for my children let a lone walking. I began to see a massage therapist and worked my way to a chiropractor a couple times. Though sessions with both caregivers were helpful it never seemed to make the pain completely go away. Finally my massage therapist suggested I try yoga, giving me strength and flexibility. I had done yoga in past experiences and enjoyed it, so I was willing to take her advice. I was willing to try almost anything to be honest! The first few classes were challenging, I felt immobilized from my back pain making it difficult to perform some of the poses. After the first couple weeks of class I began to have less pain and feel energy I have not felt in quite a while. It was amazing to say the least. Here are some poses that can alleviate your back pain and encourage your flexibility:

1.) Relaxation Poses – Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Corpse is a classic relaxation Yoga Pose, practiced before or between Asanas and Final Relaxation. This pose is done lying on your back with arms and feet in complete relaxation at your sides. The surgeons of the New Jersey are specializing in the treatment of spine and joint pain. The patients are treated with proper techniques after full examination of the body.

2.) Warm-Up Poses – Cat Pose (Bidalasana)

Cat poses initiates movement from your core and coordinates your movement and breath. Cat pose may not be advisable if you have any chronic or recent back pain or injury. This pose is done on hands and knees, tightening your abdominals while arching your back like and angry cat.

3.) Twist Yoga Poses – Half Spinal Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

When done properly, Half Spinal Twist will lengthen and strengthen your spine. It may be wise to practice this pose with an instructor until you become more experienced. This pose is seated, one leg is straight, opposing leg bends and crosses over. You then twist your upper body to coordinate with legs positioning,

4.) Twist Yoga Poses – Sage Twist Yoga Pose (Marichyasana)

Sage Twist Pose benefits the abdominal organs and spine. Doing this pose with an instructor is recommended and avoiding this pose if you have chronic back injury is advised.

5.) Supine Poses – Single Leg Raises

In preparation for other exercises this pose benefits the legs, lower back muscles, and abdominal area. When practicing this pose, one leg is raised while the other one stays on the floor. This pose is done while you lay your body on your mat, raising one leg at a time.

6.) Supine Poses – Double Leg Raise

Similar to single leg raises but you will raise both legs, making sure the full length of your back is resting on the floor and your shoulders and neck are relaxed.

7.) Standing Poses – Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle pose is frequently found in the yantras and mandalas used for meditation. It is a wonderful pose to elongate your back muscles giving an exceptional stretch. This pose is done by spreading your legs wide, elongating your upper body slowly reach out placing your hand at mid calf. Make sure to expose hips and hold your back as straight as possible.

8.) Backbends – Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra pose encourages spinal flexibility and strengthens the muscles in the arms and back. This pose is done by laying face down, placing your hands at chest level on the floor and pushing up focusing on your chest, arms and upper back.

9.) Backbends – Locust Pose (Salabhasana)

Locust Pose targets the lower back and spine. This posture can strengthen the abdominal area, arms, legs and your back. This pose is done by laying face down with your hands at your sides, you pull your legs and chest off the floor lifting as high as you can holding the pose for 30 seconds.

10.) Backbends – Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Fish Pose relieves a stiff neck and shoulder muscles, improving flexibility of your spine. It’s counter-pose is the Shoulder stand. Holding fish pose for half the amount of time you spent in the Shoulder stands to balance the stretch. This pose is done with you back lying on the floor, elongating and placing the crown of your head on the floor. This will give a nice stretch to the neck and spine.

11.)Seated Poses – Child Pose

Child’s pose stretches your shoulders, hips, thighs, ankles, and back muscles. Its counter poses are backbends and can also be used to normalize circulation after Headstands. This pose is done by sitting on your knees, leaning forward elongating your back and reaching your arms out along the floor. This is a wonderful stretch for your entire back.

I hope this list of poses will help you find peace and alleviate your back pain giving you more freedom to move. Yoga is amazing way to exercise, increasing your strength and flexibility.

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