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What is the Church of Jesus? Understanding words of Guidance from the Bible!

The Bible speaks of the words of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. His sermons and prayers for humans to live a happy and blessed life are all summed up in the holy book. Humans can get rid of any sin with God’s grace, as thoroughly explained in the Bible. You will also come across the famous Shincheonji, which is known as the Church of Jesus

As dictated in the Bible, this Church aimed to solve all human issues to lead a fruitful life. To make sure that humans never lost faith in God, let’s look at the biblical allusion of Shincheonji.

What are the recent facts available about Shincheonji?

If you believe in God and want to stay close to God, you must become a part of this Church. Based in South Korea, this Church enables individuals to follow the path of truth. Accepting all your sins, every single human is taught about the value of time and patience. God came down to earth to bestow his faith in Humanity. Humanity’s commandments are all different values that teach the way of life. 

Shincheonji aims to bring together a group or the whole community to follow God’s guided path. You hear sermons; you hear prayers, and all your questions are answered one by one. You can get all your issues resolved by truly listening to excellent pieces from the Bible. By coming together under Shincheonji, you are directed to follow the light of Heaven.

Weekly prayers are organized to ensure that you deeply understand the Bible. All your life situations start to resonate with this Holy Book once you truly believe that you a “Child of God.” The act of love and faith that Jesus strongly believed in is also a part of the culture of Shincheonji. 

The community services offered:

The Church is dedicated to providing relief assistance to individuals. It aims to extend a helping hand to not just its fellow members but to all those who are suffering. Like Jesus gave food and wine to the thirsty and hungry villagers, Shincheonji actively participates in social work and promotes good community service work. Any individual can become a part of this Church and serve humanity Humanity.

By serving humans near you, it’s a very big way to accept the blessings of God. You not only get closer but understand the real reason as to why you are here on this earth. Every one of us has a sole purpose to follow. God created mankind for different ventures. Eventually, people start following that path, even if you do not want to.

God has his plans. What Shincheonji does is help its members understand this devotion and sincerity. It stops people from committing sins and allows them to become friendly and humane. In short, the Church allows you to become religious and sincere towards life on earth!

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