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Link building is defined by developing links to your website from other relevant sites. Links build trust for your site, both for search engine and for people, think of it as a vote. Link building is the most important part in SEO and that is why we specialize in link building campaign.

The building of the link is possible with ecommerce website development company to conduct a campaign. It is beneficial for the search engines. The meeting of the expectations is possible to have more profits. The design and web marketing of the best one for online businesses. 

Why is link building so important

Hyperlinks are the heart of the web, they allow users to move from one site to another following links that are related to the information each users is trying to obtain. There are three different links on a site:

Internal links—

Take users from one page to another on the same website. This link structure is important to have in any sight because it allows users to follow a link that will take them to the information each user is seeking. Websites should have a well-designed web of links that help users move from page to page on your site. Hyperlinks in the text body give webmasters an advantage when writing their copy; they are used to funnel web browsers to the desired pages on a site. Sites with a good internal linking structure are good for search engines too because, they guide crawlers to other relevant pages, they expose more site to the crawler; they increase a websites search engine score.

External links—

Are links that send users to relevant pages off the site. Search engines and people alike know that a lot of other good content is out on the web. If you are writing about your niche it is a good idea to reference the material you have used or Blogs you have read. Blogging is a social game, one week you Blog about someone and next week they might Blog about you. The idea here is to get other sites talking about you. If you link out to valuable relevant content on the web search engine crawlers will see that and this will help build your sites relevance.

Inbound links—

This is what everyone wants, and for good reason. The web is a social place, links to your site count as votes and build trust. The more votes you have the better. The most important and powerful part of SEO is link building. This means building links from high authority relevant websites to your site. To build these links you need to ask yourself one question, “Why would someone link to me?” the answer is that your provide value: you need to be clean on what that value is.

Our linking building strategy

Our link building strategy is designed to build the appropriate inbound links to your site and helps you achieve your overall business objectives.

The first part of our linking strategy is to look at your site and ask this question: “Would someone link to this site” we can answer this question with yes if we have good content and great outbound links that improve the user experience. Once your site is linkable it is time to target a list of external sites and request links.

“Create good content, link to great content and great content will link to you”

Linking strategy is not a turnkey operation, as many link builders would have you believe. Links for the sake of links have no value whatsoever, so be weary of the SEO firm that sells you x links for $20, they are likely using a link farm and these links will give you nothing but trouble. Search engines punish sites if they appear to generate all their links from link farms and other black hat methods. A few links from great, relevant sites give you more value then several low quality links from irrelevant sites.

  • 5 Myths about link building
  • The more inbound links the better

This sounds like it should be true, right? This basically means the more arrows I have pointing at my site the better chance someone is going to see it and go to my site.

This is not true, think of this scenario: would you rather have 10,000 giant arrows in the Sahara Desert pointing to your hotdog stand in New York or one giant arrow in New York’s Time Square pointing to your local hotdog stand. The later is clearly going to get you more customers for you effort. The same applies to your inbound link campaign.

You can always fool search engines

There is a great deal of time spent fooling search engines. These are called black hat techniques. Think about Google for a minute, they have thousands of employees that are the best in their field constantly refining their search algorithm, if a technique is used to trick search engines into ranking their page high then it will get widely used, soon identified and fixed. Google will punish sites using these techniques, dropping them off the search query.

We have seen these techniques used in the past in the form of keyword spamming, link farms, hidden links and free-for-all pages. The effort involved in these black hat techniques is huge and the risk is even higher if your site is key to your business’ success.

It makes much more sense to spend the time and money developing content that is quality, a unique user experience on a well organized, well published site that people will want to link to.

You can get alone without great content

Why do people search? They are looking for something right? If they go to your site they have asked a question, have you answered that question? This is key. Therefore, content is key. You need to give people the answer to the questions that brought them to your site in the first place. If you provide a user experience that is good and helped the searcher with their quest then chances are they will like your site. If you are asking them to link to you they need to see value in your site, no one wants to link to a site that sucks because no one wants to browse a site that sucks!

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.