Tiger Woods’ Star-Crossed Marriage: An Astrological Analysis

Tiger Woods’ Star Crossed Marriage – the spark ignited and flames of passion were strong, but just as quickly fizzled out.

What went wrong in this marriage that caused Tiger Woods to stray and seek satisfaction in the arms of other women? One look at the horoscope of Tiger and Erin tells it all. If people would just pay attention to their compatibility based on their horoscopes, there wouldn’t be so many divorces and broken families. Most relationships are based on sexuality and passion, which is not a lasting combination for marriage. When two people, such as Tiger and Erin have a Mars, sexually based attraction, the average span of the relationship is about 18 months – 2 years, or the time it takes for Mars to orbit back to the point of their first meeting. Apparently, Tiger became disillusioned with the relationship sometime after that point, because he cheated for 3 years and they have been married for 5 years. Mars relationships, while they spark initial passion and great sex, they also cause the equal amount of anger causing the pair have incredibly hot-tempered fights that become loud and violent.

The first consideration is the Sun Sign -Tiger and Erin are both Capricorns. In most cases, two people of the same sign are not compatible because when their planets are negative in the heavens, both suffer. When partners are different signs, one will usually be positive and can bolster up the negativity of the other partner who is suffering from a bad planet.

Even though both are Capricorns, the supporting planets show them to be totally different people. Tiger is outgoing, exuberant and generous to friends. He is a sportsman with a multi-faceted personality and becomes easily bored with most people, therefore, he has a tendency to seek other women. His Venus placed in Scorpio makes him very passionate, along with Mars in Sagittarius, an indication of the eternal bachelor. He doesn’t want to be fenced in. Erin is a more typical Capricorn and had several planets in Virgo, which makes her practical, a loner and very status conscious. She is interested in having money in the bank, which is her security, and she doesn’t want to do a lot of entertaining. She doesn’t believe in generosity to friends and spending money, which is in conflict to her husband. She also has Venus in Aquarius, not a very sexual placement and suggests that she is turned on by intellectual compatibility with her partner, therefore, when the exchange of ideas was no longer there, she lost interest in sex. She didn’t feel appreciated by her husband, so she stopped pleasing him.

When Saturn entered Virgo in September of 2007, a strain to Erin’s Virgo planets and Tiger’s Gemini- Sagittarius opposition caused the relationship to grow further apart. She was disillusioned and he felt misunderstood. They were able to hold the relationship together for the sake of appearances and keep their affairs private until Pluto entered Capricorn, and Saturn changed signs at the end of October, 2009 into Libra, two negative aspects that caused a steady decline and the inability to reach an understanding as well as public exposure and legal troubles. Saturn in Libra (a 2-year cycle) is a negative aspect to Capricorns and causes traumatic occurrences, financial losses, loneliness and a loss of reputation. By May 2010, the relationship should be ended with both parties losing the lavish lifestyle they were accustomed to, as well as the loss of friends in the social circle. It will take over two years for progress, happiness and success to come to Tiger again. A circle should be created after making a visit at the abraj alyawm site. The forming of the social circle will be according to the requirement and benefits of the person. 

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.