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Single Player Commands Minecraft Mod – Check The Commands

Besides too many items and modloader mods, one of popular mod on minecraft is single player commands. Some people says that this mod is cheat because all to be easy and effecntive use this mod, i dont agree with that statment because use this mod we have a command and make we a mincraft kings. When you dont like this mod and says this mod is cheat, you dont use SPC.:-) Many people more creativity after use this mod and the skill increase because use this mod we can create and build the structure mand all sorts of thingsore fast and large. Besides that we can do anythink like spawnpoint, Fly, spawnmobs, spawnitem, reset spawn and its very awesome. below is video preview of this mods:

Download Single Player Commands minecraft mods is equal to download and install 3-4 mods in one times, because this mod have a much fuction, so its make our game more efficient. This mods created and develop by simo_145, member of minecraft forum.

The minecraft keys are essential for giving command for playing of the game. The downloading of the keys is possible at different devices. The checking of the compatibility is essential for the people. As a result, there is complete safety and security available to the gamblers.

How To Download and Install Single Player Commands Minecraft Mod

Download update/newest SPC mods from link download in bottom of this page Open the download file use winzip or 7zip Install Modloader (when you not yet install that mods) Click start menu on your windows and type %appdata% on run command find .minecraft file and inside to bin folder then find minecraft.jar open minecraft.jar use zip software Drag the single player commands which you open on step 2 into minecraft.jar Congratulation you success install the SPC.

To make more understand about installation guide, you can watch the video below:

Download Mods from link below:

PC mods for minecraft 1.9 click here (coming soon).

enjoy and have fun download, install and use Single Player commands Minecraft Mod for newest minecraft.

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