Is Tweeze an Efficient Hair Removal Product?

Tweeze, by emjoi, works like a pair of tweezers by pulling out hair except that instead of ripping out one hair at a time, it takes out multiple hairs with a rotating centerpiece, which doesn’t look anything close to a pair of tweezers.

For safety reasons there is a plastic piece with an opening even with the rotating head which dips on all four sides around the head to allow for a 90-degree angle. The 90-degree angle is the angle at which you are to hold the Tweeze as you mow it over the hair area using rapid small circular motion. With this process, laser hair removal is a safe and comfortable activity nowadays.

Tweeze looks to be a modern updated version of the epilator. It is small, portable and runs on two AAA batteries. There is no place to plug it into an electrical outlet, which wouldn’t make much of a difference if the performance of Tweeze were top grade. Unfortunately with repeats over the same area the batteries can quickly become used up and have to be replaced more often and even then Tweeze doesn’t leave a smooth hair free surface.

In order for the Tweeze to get a good grip on hairs you are supposed to hold the skin-tight so it can efficiently pull hairs out. Skin that is loose tends to flex and the Tweeze could dip down or bounce over the skin which could keep it from having a strong grip on the hair or from being able to catch the hair.

Long hairs should be a cinch for Tweeze to remove but they aren’t. Long hairs will lie down on the skin and Tweeze doesn’t seem to be able to pick them up as easy as shorter hairs. Hence its name Tweeze.

This alone is one advantage of Tweeze. Most epilators would like you to grow around a fourth of an inch to an inch long hair to get the full benefit of their use.

I bought a Tweeze thinking it would be a great tool in hair removal and I was disappointed after one use. It pulled some hair out but I still had to use a razor to finish the job.

Tweeze is really not meant for big hair removal jobs like the legs but it can pull some of the leg hairs out. If you are hoping it will be an essential tool in combating armpit hair you may find that pulling out some hairs, half the job, will thin down the overall appearance of hair under the arms until it grows back in.

Many epilators before Tweeze were not meant for use on underarms, bikini lines or the facial area and while Tweeze is for use on most facial parts it is not recommended for use on the eyebrows. If Tweeze worked 100 percent and was used on the eyebrows you might find yourself with no eyebrows but the way Tweeze seems to work you would probably only have patchy brows.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.