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Is There Any Substitute To uTorrent? And What If The Torrents Are Not Downloading?

uTorrent is so far the best torrent client that we have come across. It is a great application for those who love to download movies or games or many other things. With the help of this particular torrent client, we can make better use of the internet and the money that we have. The application is lightweight, customizable, and efficient. But there is one thing that bothers people, and it is the ads. 

So what to do about these ads? We cannot do anything to this app but, we can surely get other substitutes for this one. Ready to get to know them? Check the 8 different substitutes of uTorrent!

  1. BitTorrent
  2. Vuze
  3. Bit Che
  4. Torrent Opener
  5. qBittorrent
  6. Shareaza
  7. Ares Galaxy
  8. Soulseek

What To Do With The Torrents Not Downloading?

When we are downloading some torrent files, it is possible to get to see some issues. Many times, the download doesn’t work too. It is such a common encounter that anyone can face, and it is possible to get many solutions for that too. 

Here, we have some steps to help you if there is an issue in the network while torrenting!

One of the main reasons, if a person is facing the problem in downloads, is when they are getting to the restricted networks. Many times the person is using a network that doesn’t allow them to download the torrent files.  It can be due to the network, and a Virtual Private Network is a great solution. 

The VPN can allow the person to hide their IP address and change the network for downloading the file from torrent. It is an easy option, and we can get to experience the best from it. The best and cheap VPN that one can get is NordVPN. It has a high performance, and it will allow bypassing the network of geo-restriction.  Let’s get right into the steps of using it!

  • Download the app on the device. It can be any device, a mobile phone, a laptop or a PC.
  • Open the app, and then it is time to launch start it too. It will help get to the other steps.
  • Now, it is time to connect the server to a specific location. Make sure to check that they don’t have any legal issues regarding these torrent downloads.
  • Most people like to connect to the United States, so that is an option too.
  • Now once the connection is established, check if the download is possible now or not.

These are the steps that people have to use if they are facing any issue while downloading the torrent files due to the network. If the person is still not able to connect or download the files, they can move on with the steps one or two more times. Then it can work too. But sometimes, the issue is something else. Here, we are mentioning other solutions to this issue too! Check here,

  1. You can permit using the torrent client in the windows firewall or any other antivirus software. 
  2. If there are any issues in the connections, try and remove the trackers that could have been becoming the issue. 
  3. Maybe the issue is in the torrent website. So go on and check another website for downloading the file. It is a very easy solution that works most of the times. 
  4. Try and use any other torrent client. 
  5. Make sure to use a compatible VPN for the job. 

Finally, these are the other possible solutions that one can use to get help if the file is not downloading.

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