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Important Information About Heart Rate Training Zones

You have to be very vigilant about your body’s safety whenever you are doing any cardio training and learning about the difference between prime male vs testofuel can be really handy for you. One of the precautions most advanced athletes take is the heart-rate monitor. A heart-rate monitor is a device that helps you to target your heart-rate and motivates you in times that require an extra push. A heart-rate monitor is also termed as one of the ways through which you could maximize your fitness and endurance. Whenever I write, I usually say that heart is like an engine of the body that has to be kept tuned up else it would gradually deplete in its performance.

  • Heart Rate Zones

Maximum Heart Rate: the maximum heart-rate accounts for those the maximum number of heart-beats a normal heart could reach without any harmful effects like a heart attack or heat stroke.

the maximum heart-rate accounts for those the maximum number of heart-beats a normal heart could reach without any like heart attack or heat stroke. Ideal heart-Rate: this heart rate accounts for an ideal range of beats per minute that would actually trigger cardiovascular optimum performance and endurance. Ideal heart-rate helps you to reach a point from where onwards your calories and fat starts to burn. It is usually considered to be anywhere between 40% to 80% of the maximum heart rate of an individual.

  • Healthy Stage

This is the first stage of heart-rate. This stage is the initial stage and helps to prepare for intense workout sessions ahead. This stage also helps you to maintain sufficient blood flow through your body to be ready for the strenuous exercise ahead.

  • Important burning Zone

This stage comes after the healthy stage that is the first stage. This stage accounts for the ability to burn fat and calories. It is estimated to reach this zone if an individual attains 50% to 65% of his/her maximum heart-rate. Many exercises such as brisk walking, power walks, etc. could help you reach this zone. This is the initial zone that starts to burn fat and calories, and slowly increases your target of burning more and more fat.

  • Intense Zone

This zone comes only after achieving the first 2 zones. In this heart-rate zone, the ability of the body to burn calories and fat is significantly increased. It is said that most of the aerobic endurance, strength training, etc. helps you reach this zone where the body is working more than 70% to 80% of its maximum heart-rate. Most advanced trainers, bodybuilders, and athletes try to train themselves in this zone.

  • Extremely Stupendous Zone

This is the last and final stage of the target heart- rate. This zone accounts to reach 86% to 100% of the maximum heart rate. This zone is highly intense and is not easy to achieve. Most Olympic standard competitors train themselves in this zone. However, it should be noted that this zone is highly risky and is in no way for beginners. To continue to train yourself in this zone you need to have a sufficient amount of oxygen and a stable environment. It is recommended to train in this zone under the supervision of experts (for beginners).


Remember your heart is a muscle and it should be treated like a muscle. The harder you train, the greater the risk is that you would attain injury. Make a proper plan, and start your exercise under expert’s supervision. Keep on monitoring your heart-rate through a pulse monitor.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.