How to Up Your Bowling Game: Seven Tips to Up Your Score in Bowling

A lot of People don’t know a lot about bowling, because there’s not that much to know to play the game! It’s one of the simplest games in our modern society but one that is though getting the hang of. You could go bowling for years and never truly know how to do it. Well below are a few good tips to start you on the right path, follow these and you should be getting a higher score in no time flat!

Tip one:

Find a ball that you like and that fits your fingers. Make sure the finger holes are the correct size wither or not you use a custom or house ball. If the holes are too small then you can’t get a good grip and you loose speed. If the holes are too large your fingers will slip and you’ll lose control of the ball sending it to one side of the lane or the other. Also be sure to choose a weight that you can handle. Most of the time a good 11 or 13 pound ball will fir your needs, but feel free to upgrade to a 16 pound ball if you wish. Usually a heavier ball will cause more destruction to the pins, but won’t do any good if you don’t put any speed on it. Likewise with a ball that is too light, you might be able to bowl at 25 mph but the light ball won’t deliver the results of a heavier ball.

Tip two:

There should be arrows and dots on the lane telling you how the pins are lined up. The dots are found at the beginning of the lane, these will help you line your body up for your shot. The arrows are painted on the lane about 1/3 the way down. Use these arrows to guide your ball. Many people actually throw their ball according to arrows rather then the pins, this gives you more control over your shot and ultimately results in a better score.

Tip three:

When you bowl try and see if you have a natural curve to your ball. Many people have a way of bowling that come natural to them, and in turn they put a natural spin on the ball. A ball that curves has many advantages, and will usually result in multiple strikes if you can figure out how to control it. By curving into the pins a ball can knockout more due to its angle rather then hitting the pins straight on. If you have ever noticed a ball with a lot of speed hitting the front pin will sometimes result in the dreaded 7/10 split, a curving ball will not do that to you. If you find that you have this natural gift try to line up with the dot that is opposite of your curve. If your ball curves right, line up on the far left dot, if your ball curves left line up on the far right dot, then adjust yourself accordingly.

Tip four:

Find some clueless buddies that have never bowled a day in there life! Bowling with a group is always fun and they’ll make you look good when it’s your turn. This tip is more or less just for fun, but I do advise bowling in a group. If you have two or three people along with you each of them can critique your bowling style, this will allow you to get an outside opinion and allow you to correct errors that you would normally miss.

Tip five:

Stay calm while bowling, it is just for fun anyways. If you go up to throw your ball and nerves take over, chances are its going straight to the gutter. Relax and just play the game, if you screw up who cares, and if you bowl a great game then congratulations, but always remember to enjoy your time bowling!

There should be no room for nervousness as this is not a medical or law exam that your life and career depends on it so just take care to keep your mind focused without negative thoughts and your fingers have to be firm and strong as that is an ideal condition for a bowling ball.

Tip six:

Practice is key! The only way for anyone to get better at anything is to practice. Go bowling a couple times a week, get used to your ball, or a certain weight of the house balls. Usually if you’re just starting out in bowling an 11 or 13 pound ball is the way to go. Find out what kind of special events happen at your local bowling ally, some places have dollar night where each game costs only a dollar.

Tip seven:

Keep your wrist stiff, don’t let your bowling hand get flimsy on you. A flimsy wrist will lead to wild balls, and absolutely no control. If you have naturally weak wrists or just can’t keep them straight then see about obtaining special equipment to assist you. If this still doesn’t help then you might want to try switching to a lighter ball.

So that’s it, go out and start bowling like a pro, well maybe not, but go out and bowl anyways it’s really a lot of fun. Just remember the tips above and you’ll do fine. Bowling is a great pastime and perhaps if you enjoy it enough you might think about joining a league. Here you can receive a good insight into the world of bowling and will get help from real pro’s that can really up your game.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.