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How To Maintain A Robot Cleaner After Purchase

Owning a Roomba Robot Cleaner is a wonderful experience. You have a personal cleaner which is smart. No need to feed or give salary to. You can just turn it on, leave it on and when you come home at night, the dirt is gone. The Roomba robot cleaner is resting peacefully, charging itself and getting ready for the next day task.

The maintenance of quale robot aspirapolvere is less as there is no manual operation requirement. The understanding of the features and options is essential to get the desired results. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the people with fewer efforts and time spending.

But even if it does a superb job of cleaning your house, you also have to provide your round robot a degree of maintenance and care. The good thing about keeping your Roomba in tiptop shape is that it can prolong life expectancy of the robot components, can run longer and clean better. Here are steps on how to do it. (These tips are better done for 500 series Roomba robot cleaners.)

  • Again, this cleaning guide is best suited for Roomba 500 robot cleaners. It can be used to maintain earlier or more recent models too but proceed with total caution. To check whether your robot cleaner is a 500 series or not, flip the cleaner and you will see a 3-digit number on the bottom. If it starts with a 5, then, that is a 500 series. If not, then, it is of another model. But it is ok.
  • This tip is all about basic cleaning for your Roomba robot cleaner. It is imperative that you do this every run (or every other run) to properly maintain the cleaner. Take off the dust bin and remove all debris inside the bin. Do you see a yellow tab? That is the filter drawer and you need to empty it as well. Afterwards, return the filter drawer and the dust bin.
  • You also need to do this type of care for your Roomba once every week (if it runs daily). You have to clean the brushes. Lift the two yellow plastic tabs under the unit so you can get the brushes. Take off all the debris in it totally. If there are some dirt that cannot be removed by hand, use scissors but be careful not to cut the bristles though.

At one end of the brushes, there are yellow plastic caps. Remove it and use cotton buds or toothpicks to clean inside. Put the everything back on when you’re done including the brushes.

There is a wheel on your Roomba cleaner that swivels. Pop out these swivelling wheels by using your fingers.You will see dirt inside, so wipe it clean! But be careful when doing so because the sensors are located there and it can be damaged. Do the cleaning with soft motions.

  • This tip is for those who are experienced in cleaning sensitive gadgets like the Roomba. Get a screwdriver and loosen the screw of the cleaner’s rotating brush. Pull it up until the brush will snap off. Unscrew the faceplate and blow any dust underneath it. Do not ever turn your cleaner upside or else everything will fall down. This is the hard part in this tip. When all is good, put back everything accordingly.

That was a handful, right? And you will see that the Roomba robot cleaner has been doing its purpose for you after cleaning it. So, to keep it from doing a perfect job for you every single time, learn how to maintain it too. Have fun! Read up our best list on robot cleaner before you decide to buy today!

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