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How Hollywood Affects Weight Loss Efforts

By today’s standards, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and Mae West would be considered overweight. They probably would have never gotten more than a few roles as the comedic best friend of the “sexy” leading lady. The average woman’s dress size is a 14. The average starlet’s size is 0. Hollywood is getting smaller and smaller and it is making the weight loss efforts of the average woman that much harder. Trying to reach such unrealistic ideals is hard enough, but every day we get to see these very same pencil-thin starlets bemoaning how they lost out on a part, or a boyfriend because they were not thin enough. They disappear if they stand sideways but they are still trying to lose weight.

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We all know that weighing too much puts strain on our body in millions of ways. It makes our heart work harder than it has to. We cannot breathe as well as we should. Our joints ache from hefting our large frames around. Stylish clothing is out of the question. But, we never stop to think about what being too thin does to our body either. If it is on our televisions or in the theaters, that must be what we want, case closed. Those starlets are dieting their way into poor health.

What we need is a more realistic approach to weight loss and a more attainable goal. Instead of tacking up pictures of the It girl, why not find a picture of yourself at a weight you felt great at? Because, face it, even if you do manage to work your way down to the single digit sizes, will you look like a movie star? Weight loss will not magically style your hair, do your makeup, give you a manicure and (gasp) airbrush the cellulite off your thighs. It is time that you come back to reality. Your body is not going to get you up there on the silver screen and would you really want it to? Why are you not happy with losing twenty pounds, shaving a dozen points off of your cholesterol and getting your blood pressure back within normal limits? That should be the real goal of your weight loss efforts, not trying to get back to your third grade weight for three hazy, dizzy days.

If you have to have a stranger to model yourself after, choose someone at the gym, someone who is roughly in the same age group as you and model your behavior after her. You should not shadow her, that is creepy, but you should watch her to see how long she stays, and how many times she is there when you are. You might even strike up a casual conversation and ask her how she stays so fit. She might offer some advice or tips to you. Keep in mind that she might also spray you with pepper spray. You might be shocked to find out that she comes to the gym a couple of times a week and that on two other days she plays tennis with her husband, but other than that she does not slave away. She does not count calories either, she simply tries to eat sensible meals, get plenty of fruits and veggies and she is never far from a water bottle. Now compare that sensible sounding plan to the starlets who report being in the gym for three or four hours every single day in addition to other exercise when they are not with a trainer. When do they get time to do things for themselves? The answer is simple: They do not.

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