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Express Fat Loss With Hitt Cardio – How To Do It?

Did you see the difference in the physique between sprinters and marathon runners. Both are super fit, but they look so different. Personally, I’d rather look like a sprinter, but everybody has their own goals for fitness, health and appearance. What are yours?

The cryoliposis is offering fat loss services to the people. The maintaining of the healthy life is possible to get the desired results. There is a change in the look and appearance of the people. The achieving of the goals is possible in less time and effort.

Sprinters have amazing physiques. Powerful, muscular and capable of amazing speed. They look strong and they look healthy. Marathon runners though, never seem to look very well. They must be incredibly fit, but the top runners look very lean, and they sure look hungry. So what do you do if you want to run for fitness, but you also want to tone up, and build up? Can you do that and lose weight at the same time?

Well, long, slow, low intensity fat burning has its place. But it’s boring and the results are slow in coming. If you enjoy a long Sunday run, or you live somewhere so scenic it’s really worth it, great. These long slow runs have their place, and done carefully they won’t do you any harm. But if you want to get fit and get strong, and you want it fast, you need to rev it up a bit.

It’s called High Intensity Interval Training. Its fast and its fun, and it don’t take up much of your time, yet the benefits are real and you see them right away. It focuses on ‘fast-twitch’ muscles; those are the ones that give you speed, strength, and power. Those are the ones that make you look great. And the really great thing about fast-twitch muscles? Build them up and they keep working for you. They take a lot of energy to maintain, so they increase your metabolism. Build your fast-twitch muscles, and you have more energy and burn more calories even when you’re not training. The Express Fat Loss program is based on HIIT for better results.

Start by finding a place where you can really go all out. The track at your local school in the evenings, a quiet straight stretch of road or trail, even a big field will do. It’s hard to use treadmill, because you want to change pace quickly, but if the weather’s bad or its dark, it will do.

Pace out a length of 200 long strides; this will be about 200 meters. Try to keep it as straight as possible. If you’ve got a track, you’ve got it made, but you can mark out an approximate distance just about anywhere. Use lampposts, signs, or whatever you can find as markers, or put down coats or rocks so you can see your start and finish line. Then go and have an easy jog for 10 minutes or so to warm up. Now you’re ready to sprint, and really go for gold!

As you are jogging, loop around to your start line, and as you cross it, dig in, and increase your pace as much as you can. You should cross the finish line at your peak pace. If you are slowing down, you’ve started to fast, and if you are still accelerating, you’ve started too slow. After you cross the finish, come back to a steady jog or even a walk, and loop back to the start. You should take about twice as long to get back to start as you took to get to the finish; this will make sure you are recovered enough to give it your all again.

Keep the pattern going for 12 to 15 repetitions. Finish with at least 5 minutes of steady jog or a brisk walk to cool down. The whole thing will only take about half an hour, including warm up and cool down, but the benefits last far longer! Express Fat Loss with HIIT Cardio really works!!

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