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Corporate Party: Unique Ideas To Celebrate The Holidays

Most of us think that working in offices 9am-5pm, five days a week and even taking Saturdays for overtimes is totally tiring. Some event can’t imagine themselves in those kinds of situations. Situations in where one is imprisoned in their tiny enclosure, facing the computer with that thousand-yard stare, and checking everything on the screen like a robot.

Office life sure is tiring, and sometimes it is a great idea to unwind and have some fun once in a while to fight the stress in the workplace. I mean, nobody wants to spend a year in a boring office with no fun at all, right? For that, what you need is at least celebrate a party once in a while. Much better if you match it with any upcoming holidays like Employee Appreciation Day, Halloween, or even a coworker’s birthday.

So, what if you are the guy who is tasked to manage your office’s upcoming party? Sure it can be a daunting task for you, but with this, you can also exercise your creativity and show out your fun side too. For that, what you need is to plan ahead of time, probably a month or two in advance, to give that unique yet exciting party that your comrades won’t’ ever forget.

The Plan

Of course, there will be no great party and a good time without any plan made for it. For that, you should take note of a lot of things first before deciding what theme are you going to use for your party:

Choose the best idea for your party, e.g., what holiday will it fall on to or near to?

How many people there are who will be at the party?

How much is the budget needed?

Where is the venue? (i.e., in the office? On a resort? On a camp?)

These are mostly the things that you need to take note of when you plan in your desired party. Having a concrete plan for these can ensure that you will have no significant setbacks happening on your party.

Now The Themes

Alright, regarding the things mentioned above, one of the hardest parts among them is to choose what theme you want to have for your party. What if the date of the party falls into a regular Tuesday? You can choose any theme for that then, but what them to be exact?

We have here a couple of themes that you can use as an inspiration for your party. Also, don’t just stick to the initial plan, Always make your project malleable, which means you need a strategy that can be easily changed whenever a particular situation arises. And also, have a plan B just in case the initial plan won’t work. Covering any aspects of your plan can ensure that you can easily cope up and adjust your strategy to any setbacks you may face along the way.

The Bowling Night

Want to enjoy your office party in the old school way? Why not go with bowling? You see, bowling is one of those sports that is very forgiving for even the inexperienced. Another good thing about bowling is that everyone can participate in the game, leaving none of your coworkers not also throwing a shot.

You can organize your comrades into individual teams. Also, each group should choose their desired theme and costume too. This can give them their own identity and something to have fun about while playing the sport. In this way, you can all have a great time while bringing out all your competitive side on this fun and exciting game.

The Video Game Day

Most of us know how to play video games, or is engaged in playing multiple games in their downtime, right? Just like bowling, video games can be a great medium in which anyone can participate in.

But how about the newbies? Or the “normies” who are not really into video games? Well. This will be their time to be introduced to the fascinating world of video games. Of course for this one, you can just choose a specific game which is newbie-friendly as well as being very known for even hardcore gamers too, like Mario Kart or Any Wii sports game. In this way, both newbies and seasoned players in your office can both enjoy the game and have fun all the way.

The Ball Game Day

Most of us are at least a fan of a specific team of a particular sport. May it be basketball, football, soccer or baseball, surely all of you can enjoy a live game of it.

For that, you need first to know what particular sports majority of your coworkers is a fan of. Let’s say that all of you guys are fans of basketball. So with that, you can have all your coworkers have the party on the stadium itself and enjoy a great time while watching your favorite teams play. Also, all of you can unwind and be relaxed from the hectic workdays in the office while munching on nachos and while sipping a cold glass of beer on the side.

Karaoke Night

It is a total blatant lie that one can’t sing. I mean, all of us sing, right? May they be a bona fide karaoke diva or just a person who sings in the bathroom, totally anyone knows a song or two and can totally sing them out.

Having a karaoke night-themed party is an excellent way for you and your coworkers to vent out their love for music. Also, it doesn’t matter if your voice sounds like a whining donkey or akin to Celine Dion, for there will always be a song for you. With this, you can sin all night to your heart’s content, together with great company and delicious food.


Whatever theme you choose for your party, it is essential is that all your coworkers should find it enjoyable and lets them forget the stress of work. If you like to know more ideas, you can just search “bucks party ideas.” For more exciting ideas and ways on how to celebrate your office’s party.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.