Canadian Railroad Facts

Canadian Railroad Facts

Rail Canada provides a carefree way to explore Canada’s countryside. Trains roll from the quaint towns of eastern Canada to the flat expanses of the Canadian prairie, through the Rockies to the Pacific Coast.

Canadian Railroad Facts

The first railway was established in Canada in 1836. VIA Rail Canada arose in 1978 following the consolidation of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian National Railway.

Popular destinations include Vancouver, Jasper, Montreal and Toronto.

Train Routes
There are routes in the Atlantic region from Halifax to Montreal, routes through Quebec and Ontario, a northern route through Manitoba from Winnipeg to Churchill, and routes through the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Region.

Canadian Railroad Facts

Young adults can save 25 percent on economy tickets and 10 percent on sleeper tickets by purchasing a youth fare. There are also discounts for children, students and seniors.

Canadian Railroad FactsRail Passes
The CanRailpass provides holders with the ability to travel anywhere in Canada for 12 days over a period of 30 days. The Corridor-pass allows holders to travel 10 days in southern Quebec and southern Ontario.

Where to Find More Information
To find up-to-date information on fares and schedules, check out Rail Canada’s website at

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