An Ultimate Guide to Learn Website Design for Beginners

Earlier, website designing was a complex and daunting task, but with the development of technology and ease of the Internet, website designing has become quite effortless. Many young developers or coders in Information Technology want to enhance their knowledge of web design. Hence, becoming a web designer has become a trend among young designers. There are high job opportunities for website designers across the world, but Mumbai has been at the heart of digital evolution in India

Beginner’s Guide for Website Designing

  • Know what is a web design

Many young designers misunderstood the concept of web design and combined it with coding. Web designing is all about designing and not about coding or front-end or back-end development. No doubt, it is good if you have knowledge of coding languages, but front-end development is not the core of web design. It is to solve the communication issues between the web page information and users. Basically, when we add visuals with interaction, it is the web design core.

  • Skills that you should master

Young designers need to acquire some skills in order to learn web designing, which are: 

  • Master PS and other web User Interface mockup tool
  • Learn the color principles
  • Learn the layout design
  • Master the basic rules and ways of visual design
  • Understand and learn the basic coding languages like HTML and CSS. 
  • At least, master one front-end coding edit software.
  • Elements of web designing

Basically, there are 5 elements of web designing that include layout, graphics, color, font, and content.

  • How to learn website design?

You are required to have knowledge on rules and elements of website design and to implement them, and you need to follow some steps like:

  • Start creating a website.

The best to learn is to start creating it. Firstly, start by creating a small website, play with it, and know what makes it work. You need to inspect the code and get familiar with what makes your website work. 

  • Read every possible thing.

You need to keep track of things happening in the website design world. Read books and blogs and gain information about the trends and techniques used in website design. Follow designers on social media and learn from them. 

  • Be an effectual communicator. 

A major part of website design is communication. Designers need to communicate with the clients in everyday life and figure out what the solution does the design needs. If you aren’t an eloquent person, then brush up your skills as you need to communicate to provide solutions and implement them. 

  • Start thinking in HTML.

HTML is a keystone of website design. HTML is the skeleton that helps to craft the structure of a website, and then you can easily read the language. After it, the world of website design will make a lot of sense to designers. 

  • Apply your designing skills to the web

Once you learn all the rules and elements, start applying it to the web, as this will give you a clear depiction of a beautifully coded website. 

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.