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Albuquerque’s Best Dentists

Most people when looking for a new dentist might go to the phone book and find an abundance of full page ads some even featuring a glamour shot of the Dr. That might work if you have a throbbing toothache or broken tooth, but you just might end up with a good looking dentist who doesn’t know what he’s doing and really has to charge a lot to pay for the telephone book ad and his yacht. The very best way to find a good dentist is by recommendation, hopefully from someone you trust.

I hadn’t been to the dentist for almost a year and had a very good excuse, my Dentist died. I had been going to him for years and even though he was getting older I just didn’t want to change. As a matter of fact Dr Carmignani was the New Mexico Lobo football team dentist from about 1958 to sometime in the mid 1990s.

After he died his office left the name and number of Dr. John Matte as a referral. Now I remember taking my mom to Dr. Arthur Matte maybe ten years ago. He was taking Dr. Carmignani’s patients when he was out of town. At that time mom had a crown that came off. Dr. Matte put it back for her and I am happy to say that it was still there when she went to heaven.

Now I was in somewhat the same predicament I had broken a tooth. So I called Dr. John Matte. His office referred me to his daughter Amy who had just set up her practice. She took me that day. She was easy to find as she was in her grandfather Arthur’s old office. He retired some years ago. When I got there I remembered the place from the time I took mom there. Though I noticed that Amy had redecorated the place and even had new magazines! Not that I had to wait very long to get in.

I have to say that she is the best dentist I have ever been to. She can perform wide variety of services such as veneers modesto, metal braces installation, teeth alignment and others. She has long years of experience and her expertise is something that you can trust and rely on.  She not only fixed my tooth that day but gave me a through check-up and an estimate of all the work I needed to have done and the cost of that work. Yes she even put numbing stuff on my gums before cleaning my teeth. Lets face it I hadn’t been to the dentist in quite some time, good excuse or not. I had quite a few cavities.

So after settling up for that day’s visit I made an appointment for the next week to get my some fillings. OK I will come clean. I had cavities in every corner of my mouth. It would take four appointments because Dr. Amy didn’t want to have to numb more than one section of my face at a time.

Before my first filling I was apprehensive, Dr. Carmignani wasn’t always the gentlest of dentist, through no fault of his own, but let’s face it being a former football player his ham like hands required me to open wider than was comfortable for a long time. Even with novocain my jaws and whole head ached after getting a filling done by him.

With Dr. Amy Matte the novocain shot did pinch a bit, but other than that everything was pain free. Now that is what I am talking about, a painless dentist. She is not only painless but it has been six months and all the fillings are still in, and at my latest appointment I had no cavities! The regime she put me on to care for my teeth seems to be working. I have broken a tooth since but she fixed it painlessly!

So if you are in Albuquerque Dr. Amy or John Matte are the best dentists in town. No matter where you are ask your friends and relatives who is the best dentist. You will probably get some good advise. Then you can go from there. Don’t do what I did and wait till you are in pain.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.