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In today’s world, one of the most powerful and growing marketing tools for marketers is social media. From expressing something bye tweets on Twitter to Facebook posts, which helps in sharing the products or the services on social media platform is growing as a great way to increase engagement, sales, brand awareness, and more converted leads. However, Instagram is something new to many marketers as they are left scratching their heads while deciding on choosing the way to market the products and the services through Instagram.

The reason behind it can be the quite different algorithm of Instagram which remains a puzzle for many people. Instagram has been growing into an incredibly valuable marketing social media platform and even the young age groups are still prevalent users which makes it a very huge stage to market the brand.


Many people solve this Riddle that how to use Instagram as a marketing platform however they get stuck while executing the same. Therefore following are the four initial pointers that will help every kind of marketer to get started:

1. Being grateful for the presence of the audience: Only posting a bunch of photos and hashtags and waiting for the likes to roll in is not an efficient way to get the sales engagement. Many people buy Instagram followers and start engaging with them as the main audience and grow sales or leads. Coming Live and replying to the comments and the questions can get the brand more attention of the users of Instagram and can get the brand some converted leads.

2. Having interaction with the right influencers: Interacting with the influencers can help in targeting the audience because the popularity of these influencers is usually very high with millions of people following them on social media. While using a platform like Instagram one needs to make a wise decision while choosing an influencer who can rightly target the audience and can make them aware of the product and services.

3. Utilizing the valuable hashtags very wisely: There are limitless hashtags to use On Instagram however one doesn’t need to cram every single hashtag which is related to the post. A hashtag is any useful tool that plays a descriptive role in the image like #marketing or #sales engagement. Whenever a user types a hashtag word in the search box, it redirects the user and brings up all the images that use that hashtag. This way the users get to know about the products and services provided by a specific brand and their features with benefits.

4. Promoting not only the product but also use of the product: Instagram is not a platform to just simply share product snaps all the time because the algorithm makes that post trendy which grabs a lot of attention of the users will stop therefore it is advisable that while using Instagram as a brand awareness platform one should not only post pictures of products but also some major details about the features and the potential benefits of the products and services provided by the brand.

Eric Desiree is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. He started his career as a Public Relations Officer in a law firm in Los Angeles California. Currently, he is the managing editor of ANCPR.